liszt2 sheets

who has the sheets to this awesome concerto
…gotta be out there somewhere
and do you guys know anyone who plays this better than da rectum 8)

Got Janis?

Buy-Ron a Penis

hahaha, does ron need a few extra inchez?

i think he got plenty

hahahaha, much respec

F*uck the 2 dudes above since they didn’t answer any sheeyat and give any useful info.


Da Rectum’s rec isn’t the fastest.

ziff fuckin owns dis

how sho ?

Not necessary I’m telling ya.

its da only rec i haff, but it is wikid

noone beats da ziff in liszt

yo listening horizons has to be expanded.

Except in da Liszt sonata.

Ziff’s recording of that is quite mediocre.

dat is debatable, da goldberg ratez it as da best rec evah

I doubt it.

I have listened to more than 30 complete LIszt sonata recording

Ziff’s studio recording is in the middle.

ask da goldberg

ask urself

Da Ziff’s unsospiro is, em, kinda slow.

hahahahahahaha wtf




F*ck yo !!

hahaha, ic

and valar u cock, i saw yo post