Live Cuncertz :pimp: during 🍺 virus ⏱

@alexserranocueva - is there any chance that you record lied recital by Fleur Barron and Julius Drake on March 18? I’m big fan of Drake and there are almost no Mahler recordings in his discography.

@iamcanadian - Jeremy Denk will do selection from Bach WTC on March 20.


Awesome thanks. Boris playin op111 live right now

which site?

Twitter and facebook (Boris Giltburg)

Twitter has bad compression…facebook video is wrong orientation lol…learning curve for people with this live streaming :stuck_out_tongue:

My 88 duo zheeyat is apparently going to be streamed. I juz dun know where or when yet…
We were going to do 4 hands but now with da zocial diztancing rule, haz changed to 2 88’s.


Thanks! I thought it was the other Boris :whale: :whale: :whale:

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ahhh sorry to disappoint hahaha

Hahahaha pls don’t misunderstand me. I respect da Giltburg, too!

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:whale: :whale:

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If somebody wants:

Konzerthaus, Berlin

March 18, 2020

Live Online Concert

“Wir spielen für Sie!” Unter diesem Motto übertragen wir heute ab 19 Uhr live aus dem Konzerthaus Berlin. Ein Abend mit Lang Lang, Daniel Hope, Avi Avital, Max Raabe, Olga Peretyatko und Sayako Kusaka.

Lang Lang? or the virus? Hmmm.

Is the Fleur Barron still needed? I see that the link carries it to a site where it seems archived video—can stream record it if still wanted…

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Anyone know anything about setting this up? Fairly sure I could work out how stream through a camphone on fb, but surely da audio quality is a bit sheeyat?

If we end up under serious lockdown I might finally start praxing :joy: and I’d probably do a mini conc stream.

Lang Lang played Mendy Spinning song and one variation from Goldberg :grin:

Ron, thanks a lot, but at the end Julius Drake didn’t play (I guess he is stucked in the London where he lives) but some girl instead.

sorry could not get this - my schedule is odd these days - spending too much time on the phone and less office time

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Don’t worry Alex!

ANDREY GUGNIN just posted on his Facebook page:

Many of my upcoming concerts got canceled as for the majority of my friends. Nobody really knows what comes next. Meanwhile we will do a few concerts without audience. Please stay safe at home and watch live broadcast from Tchaikovsky Philharmonic Hall (Онлайн-трансляция : Московская государственная академическая филармония) and Zaryadye Concert hall (

Here is some of the upcoming concerts:

March 21
Lukas Geniusas (piano) and Alexander Buzlov (cello) at Tchaikovsky hall

March 22 Artem Dervoyed (guitar) and Nikita Borisoglebsky (violin) at Tchaikovsky Hall

March 22 Nikolay Lugansky (piano) at the Great hall of the Moscow conservatory (

March 26 I will play with Boris Andrianov (cello) at Tchaikovsky Hall (

March 31 I will play Beethoven 4th concerto at Zaryadye with MusicaViva Orchestra under Alexander Rudin (

April 2 Boris Andrianov (cello), Nikita Borisoglebsky (violin) & Andrey Usov (viola) at Zaryadye Concert hall

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I’m gonna be stuck in the house for a few days so will be doing a mini recital of paraphrases if anyone is interested.

Details later but I ran through a sample programme this morning.

I don’t have 1000 tube subscribers so can’t live webcast there. I don’t know how to integrate mic audio with phone cam video in realtime so any advice would be appreciated; alternatively I’ll just shoot the two through separate devices and stream the rendered result.

Annoying that the treble on my 88 has gone off a little.


Let us know for sure!


I’m scheduling a broadcast of sorts provisionally for 9pm GMT on Weds. I don’t think I have the required bandwidth to do an actual live stream in decent definition, plus no way to mix the audio and video streams, so it won’t be truly live but a broadcast of a pre-rendered video which I’ll probably shoot tomorrow. I will post a link nearer the time.

Liszt Rienzi, Liebestod
Thalberg Casta diva, Moses’ Prayer


Do you play funerailles?

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