Live Doc Wigmore BBC radio broadcast 2011

anyone has tiz?

yup, i recorded it. i’ll post it sometime later today, hopefully.

That would be amazing jre!

damn, i forgot about this. hopefully i’ll get to uploading this after school today. it’s a huge file.

here it is, finally:

let me know how the download goes. i’ve never used this site.

dude, you are a fucking legend

the download is fine, albeit a bit convoluted

I was at this recital. The Villa Lobos was spectacular.

my girlfriend was at that recital too, along with some king’s music people >_> apparently most of them thought it was noisy. (i heard it on iplayer, thoroughly enjoyed the villa-lobos and stockhausen)

ohgosh what friends i have

piano music illiterates?

more like, suffering from the sad sad state of music education my country likes to give

It takes time to get used to listening to a lot of this kind of music. Especially Stockhausen and Villa Lobos. Maybe they will like it more in the future.


Without being a prick:

Is it possible to upload this in a different way? It doesn’t seam to work om my pc (I have linux…dont ask me why)

wait for like a minute, then down the bottom u will see ‘slow download’
click that, go back to the middle you will see download start after entering the captcha

filepost is a bit of a pain to navigate, if you have something similar to mipony or jdownloader on linux that would be better (i am on a mac)


It all went better than expected :slight_smile:

i only used filepost because mediafire doesnt allow files that are larger than 200 mb and my rapidshare subscription ran out. i would have used megaupload had it not been harshly closed down.

There seemed to be quite a few music students in the audience. By King’s do you mean KCL? I didn’t know they had a substantial music faculty.

yeah I do mean KCL, they have a musicology department.

Downloading this, interested in the Villa-Lobos! Thanks :slight_smile: