Local Legendz - Who iz da Greatezt penizt from each country?

ahahaha TRU i haff zeen zum TOZAH live vidz, n tru diz iz a legit mofo

not to be cuntfuzed wiz anotha mofo wiz da zame lazt name, whoze prick2 caddy wuz zo zheeyat da zepp had to make a topic about it yrz ago :sunglasses:

Haha fo da Japland we haff da NANAZAKOV :sunglasses:


India: ?
Indonesia: ?
Nigeria: ?
Colombia: ?
Venezuela: ?

ahahahah tru diz da CIMIMOFO role model :sunglasses:

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Teresa Carreno, Esther Budiardjo?

My teacher was Indonesian by birth. Maybe I should ul his pimpzon!


Da Esther Budiardjo

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Damn, you beat moi

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You guys need to read up on European history :stuck_out_tongue:

Hofmann was born in the Austro-Hungarian empire, Poland didn’t exist as a nation again until some 40 years later. Similarly those parts of modern Ukraine were under Russian flag at the time.

If you want to be so strict, then you have to say that Hofmann was born close to Krakow in what was then the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. But that’s a bit nonsensical because that kingdom was dissolved in 1918, just like the rest of Austria-Hungary.
So I’ll settle for “Polish-American” (Polish was also his first language), because he was an ethnic Pole, even if “Poland” as a country didn’t officially exist at the time.
Same with Arthur Rubinstein, though technically he was born in the Russian Empire.

Nojima / Yurima tied for Japan

What country So Young from? he/she owns it.

Ogdong > grossweiner

jokes aside da kapell is da bezt USA born penizt

But da HO becummah a citizen and unleazh at Mike Tyson level and Michael jordan level but bettah.

Nobody kan fuck with da HO at any nationality you raciztz :ho:


Da X would legit put Feinberg ahead of Rachmaninoff?

HAHAHA actually da biggez zurprize from da X lizt iz da fuckin ZLIT takin da ukraine top zpot

da X a ZLIT fan?!? :whale:

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Hahaha da misguided X. Da HO juzt keep ruining da poll :ho:

Aahaha, dat wud explain why there are no rectals in diz frozen cuntry :sunglasses:

Othawyze a mozt rezpeckable liszt!

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Tru, da tozzah also get my vote in diz

Hahah da LEAF accepted az da bez norzk penizt?

hu? da eurovisheeeyat mofo?

My vote goes to Eva Knardahl, she at leazt da most cg

Well more than Kholodenko…

I like her quite a bit, but only during a very short period. Her playing was very immature up until 2007 or somewhere there, and she fell through completely after this Putin/JBY thing.