Logical Request

True, TM should be banned. He is obnoxious and possesses no redeeming qualities. His ISP’s IP pool should be completely banned; I can retrieve the IP pool if somebody gives me his IP.

However. Chris should also be demoted. His usefulness is at an end. He has removed the archives at Les Djinns and is an inadequate and biased moderator. But worst of all, he’s a black hole of humor and CG (coldly; he does not possess entropy), and has been the primary voice in policy decisions regarding the de-fun-ization of da SDC. If he’s going to go out of his way to take a stab at the aspect of da SDC that he wished to nurture, the rec/sheet section, then I don’t see the logic in keeping him around. There are two components to da SDC: zheeyat and recs. First he got rid of the zheeyat, and now the recs. If both are gone, SDC is a bit . . . ghey. He’s made it clear that he wants neither, because he was butthurt that TM kept coming back, which is also rather illogical, given the fact that I’ve offered to obtain the IP pool of his ISP on previous occasions. So, yeah. Demotion, IMO. Chris is nothing but a wet blanket if he’s going to be removing the only worthwhile thing that he did on this site.

I’ve always thought Chris was amicable, maybe because he never did anything antagonistic toward me, but I’m one of the new crowd here who doesn’t even know mofo… as you nigs are painfully aware

But I concur with the general zkep zenzibilitiez, cause i remember when i first got here that the ‘fun’ factor was a bit more pronounced and also that the forum was simply more active in terms of sharing.

i personally like da chris for everything that he gave, both in terms of recs and server space to us. he didnt have to do any of that shit, but he did. yeah, he had an iron fist, but a lot of the dudes to feel his wrath deserved it.

whatever happened to da chris anyways? just busy? havent seen him active much. or da mart, for that matter.

rezpec to da jeff for the new mod position!

As a full time student working 25 hours a week and paying out around $800 per month in expenses, I decided that I wouldn’t mind saving an extra $12 each month by cutting a service that I no longer have any use for and which was barely being used here either. I am sorry for not making a post about it so that everyone could grab what they wanted from the sheets archive, but my billing date was coming up and I decided that IMSLP and the various other sites would more than suffice.

As for why I don’t hang out here anymore, well this place has slowed down a lot in general and I just don’t have as much time as I used to. Plus Trumofo is off his meds again, and I don’t want any part of that.

Respec da Canadain

I respect your decision. But will you still contribute to this forum? Most people here appreciate what you have offered us here.

Yeah, thanks… I’ll drop by a few times a week and if there are requests, I’ll post some files here and there. If Jeff’s new Trumofo banishment idea takes off, I could see myself spending more time here.

Thiz is appropriate 8)

youtube.com/watch?v=ZuwobLCa … re=related

Respec da canadian, and da canadianz

@Skep: Are you fucking kidding me? Criticizing Chris for removing a service that only he was supporting financially? And if you loved the sheets so much, you might as well have just site-ripped it yourself.

da zkep nevah DLed anything frum diz entiah zite. Nevah. Only uploaded zum randomly rare zheeyat, frum tym to tym. Not to mention offah to up about 3k 88-zheetz of contemporary zheeyatzu to da Les Djinns zervah, but diz wuz declined.

da zkep criticize da CANDAIN becuz hiz entiah baziz fo bein an admin wuz hiz work wiz da Les Djinnz. Diz came at da price of CG. He deletez Les Djinns? Now no reazon to keep him on, unlezz da MART wuntz no Les Djinns AND no CG. Diz zeemz zelf-evident.