Lola merchandise! 🎹

Hello piano lovers! :musical_keyboard::heart:

Lola is excited to announce her very own online shop where you can purchase lots of cool goodies! :handbag::lipstick:

For that special person in your life, why not visit my Amazon shop at

where you can find perfume, makeup, hair and skin care products all personally endorsed by :lola:

I see I have my own emoji here, how exciting!

To get your hands on my special arrangements, you can go here

And if you really want to splash out, for a modest fee you can get your own personalised video complete with a message from me! :yum:

These have been proving really popular, so please allow a couple of days for delivery! :heart_eyes:

Lola xxx

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Are there any sort of limits?

For example, if I give you a script to read which calls out Kevin Kenner’s playing for the average-bangy snooze fest (lacking legato as well) that it is, will you deliver?

Ahem asking for a friend!

How do I know you aren’t a cop?

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Because the porn I watch only LOOKS illegal.


This post right there, officer

Kevin who? Never heard of him. Sure, but you have to keep the video off public social media.

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Do you have something to hide :thinking::rofl:

Hm, gonna need some proof this is you, otherwise gonna azzume TM alt accunt.

Only my massive…

respect for women.

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I think this iz da “secret servicez” page

pleaz PM me password ? :lib:



The password is only held by site admin and a very few people I know irl. Not even Norman Lebrecht has been able to find it out and, off the record, he has spent a lot of time and money on my site :rofl::mantelpiece_clock: :dollar: :dollar:

Who is TM? Trump Management?


Yes. PM me for more details.

If we wait long enough, I’m sure a :tractor: :princess: account will materialise on dasdc :sunglasses:

Lola… what can I get for $50?

This interaction - her invoice is in the mail.

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lol dis random vandalizm of da lola wiki talk page

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Lola IS the merchandise

:fire: :fire: