Lubov Timofeyeva

Must be sum very aggressive policy…

It’s something about Stravinsky. YW had to cancel some concerts in Europe recently as his estate wouldn’t accept the arrangement of the Sacre which she’s been playing with Martin Grubinger.

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Man that’s a mess of comments on that article. Are people ever going to learn that it’s spelled Hear Hear?

Thanks Erwin but I’m not going to upload them. I’ve had them for ages and I think they’re still floating around on CD somewhere. I imagine one day Melodiya will get their re-releases in order like Gosteleradiofond are finally doing on YT now.

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Copyright laws are completely fucked up. I studied Intellectual Property in law school and came away even more confused. Now, I just do what I want and don’t give a toss about copyright. However, if you don’t want strikes, best not to upload works by composers who haven’t been dead at least 75 years (as a rule of thumb).

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Strange thing is, Maarten Bon (the arranger) DID have permission from the Strav Estate to perform and record his arrangement. I don’t see why an out of print audio studio recording of it wouldn’t be allowed on YT. More so because I have no commercial motives whatsoever when uploading.

Many of these estates act like moneygrubbing trolls, the Balanchine trust used to be the same (God knows how the two trolls come together to sort out Apollo). It’s a clusterfuck with myriad rights attached to myriad people.

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Thank Lord for piracy!

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A little bit off topic, but still relevant:

What a world we live in; that judges would even indulge these cretins. Randomly, the law professor quoted in the article was my IP lecturer at uni.

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Ok, so here we have it:

"Dear Mr P,

This video was removed as it was a performance of an unauthorised arrangement of The Rite of Spring. Stravinsky himself requested that The Rite of Spring should be known and propagated in its original form and not subject to any arrangements beyond the piano duo version that he himself created. In deference to the composer’s wishes, it has been our long-standing general policy to decline permission for third-party arrangements of this work during the period of copyright protection.

Kind regards,

JOHN WHITE | Copyright Executive Boosey & Hawkes

Dear Mr. White,
Thank you for your quick reply!
For your information, the arrangement that I uploaded was NOT unauthorized.
As you can research, Maarten Bon (1933-2003) had received permission from the heirs of the composer to perform it.
See also the Wikipedia site: Maarten Bon - Wikipedia
Best regards,

Dear Mr P.,
I can see in our records that the arrangement was mistakenly licensed and that an agreement was put in place for the arrangement to be allowed for use by Maarten Bon only. Permission to perform the arrangement was not allowed by any other person or party per the agreement with us. In addition to that, permission to disseminate any recording was also not permitted.
Kind regards,


I haven’t made my mind up if I should reply to this. Chances are 0% anyway that they will reconsider the claim.



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The fuckers are burying treasures for decades with this rigid policy.
The 4-piano arrangement is one of da best out there…


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legacy wize, he wud zimply be remembahed az:

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I don’t understand. I’ve seen a version for 8 pianos twice…
And how did this mofo get permission then?

Edit - 13:03!!! :zif:

Indeed. Must be “illegal”, too…

Holy shit this is good playing!

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Pozz in Russia it’s out of copyright like it is in the States.

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