mah-bad-selfz with da recordingz (rach, bach, beeth)

been rippin up them keyz for 1 year, 3 rec for you to sk33t to (!)

rach moment-musicaux Op. 16 No. 4 in eminor (
mov 1 of partita no 3, dat boi bach
mov 2 of pathetique, da beeth (

no lessons, and da piano i ripped up SUCKED HARD, kan’t do ppp on it, wtf
I sux hard tho. Gives tipz to help meh improve!

Got nuttin better, give your comments and help meh TEAR SHIZNAT UP in teh future!

P.S. skipz like a muther tho


hey 8)

u kinda suck :comme: :comme:

sup? ok.


find da area of da most central region created in Quadrant 1 by these intersecting equations 8)

ahah wtf r=t?

i dizagree :ziff:

HAHAHA da harshness of da chairman!!

it’z all good

teh piano sucked hard tho, that’s why it sounds like crap in a lot of places, man, that piano was hard to play on

i need sum lessons yo

Btw, skepto, teh central region kan’t be mesured, teh 2 linez expand to infinity

exactly, diz infinite volume unlezz r=t impliez something dat i don’t know

whatever dat may be, it wud be integral of 2x-(1/3)x, x from 0 to (?).

you fuckin weak mofoz.

r=t iz archimedes’ spiral.

dayum. n u call urzelf asian hotaik…

bak to rekordingz?

anzah mah question n i’ll reward you with useful and honest criticizm.

hahaha u waz talking polar, ic