mah chopin etude No. 13 … 3247458636


zpeed iz rezpecable
moizt iz a bit lackin

zupahztar iz goin to unleazh zome fury ovah diz :dong:

this is very good, I like your wrist rotations, and you seem pretty loose when you play. Have you tried the No. 12 etude? It is very difficult, and after Richter, no-nne can play it as well, not even Cortot.

10/12 is OWNED by cortot. musically, it’s fucking unbeatable. pure genious

exactly, he is my favorite pianist

also, listen to the thirds etude (No. 18) played by cortot

good attention to all of the small variations in the harmony. You need more dynamic contrast and to keep the inner notes quieter.

Cute ending.

that’s not chopin’s original ending. I don’t like it, you ruined the whole perfomnce. I little more clarity would be better too. But, good job, overall. Keep it up.

Lmao. duhder…