mah tattoo


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shitty cell phone cam - datz mah right forearm, da inside of it.


alzo, any koreans here?

:dong: Legendary tattoo

damn legendary…

btw … now u have 6 hands to play on da 88 … i n-v

yeah, tru :unamused: :laughing: :laughing:

hahah tru i iz korean

hawt veins, btw


i mean, not just korean by blood, but da real thing…

anyway, have u heard of Yun-sób Yi (lee for americans)? random guy dat drew diz

hahah tru,
i waz born and lived in korea for 10 yearz, iz dat enough?

but diz so random, why did you get diz tattoo?

respec for choosing diz one, but it seemz a little random

most people with “asian” tattoos end up with a dragon

haha gud enuff

well its not random, i got it 2 years ago when i wuz a bit down n sheeyat, diz drawing means a lot to me. Korean homeless guy Yung-sób Yi drew several small sketches (diz iz original size) on da aluminum part of a cigarette pack with chalk n coal he got on da streetz (diz pre-korean war, pre1950). He has some notority nowadays, but it still seems obscure to some extent. N i dun lyk dragons :laughing:

i haff yet to dislike it, maybe itll loose appeal after i major in piano n haff to perform on a hot nite in La roque wiz mah sleevez rolled up

hahaha tiz tru

i have seen diz guys art a lot–tiz very distintive style

but never got around knowing diz name


hahaha fuck respec tha sheeyat

truly a happy thug.


are those…

gay monks?

truu … ghey thugs gotta be

dat be all me haz to zay :stop:

DAYUM tiz a tie between stoopid n show me moh… i shud vote stupid, so to untie maybe

alzo, rob has heart :doc:

i dun think thats whut the guy was thinking no

definitely looks like gay monks :ghey:

happy thug , listen to diz Skepto kid … he knows what he’s talking about :rectum:

they could be straight monkz fightin ovah a biatch :dong: