Man Trifonov can be dull....

I’m rarely a fan of Trifonov, but I went into this with an open mind and DAMN is this some uninspired playing. Same goes for the others he played at this concert, though this was the worst of them. I love the Shostakovich Op. 87 P&Fs and I was hoping Trifonov would do great things with them. He did not.

Here’s Richter live for comparison:



I’m big fan of Trifonov in general so can’t be objective…

But I see your point - he’s definitely not Richter-kind-of-pianist, completely different musician. His taste either you like or don’t, I would say…

I’m not a fan but still holding out hope he can win me over when I see him live.

Every time I’m about to bash this guy I’m reminded of the few really good things he’s done. I think he’s an awful pianist, an ordinary musician, and a weak artist - and yet in the middle of that there’s unquestionably the spark of genius.

I wouldn’t use the word “awful” to describe his playing.
In this day and age - the huge rep that he is able to unleash - is a big plus. So what if the quality isn’t Golden Age.

I have yet to find an awful pianist who plays all the Rach Concerti, Prick 1, 2, 3, complete Chopin and Liszt Etudes and also wrote a fucking piano concerto.

If I had to pick his best recs:

Chopin 24 Preludes, Pimpson from Carnigga.
Rach Corelli, Chopin Vars, Concerto 1
Liszt Etudes (da harder ones are a bit pussy but still an epic set. He learned it in one summer - what a mofo)

His Chopets were pretty legendaire esp op 10.

I don’t think I’d describe any pianist who can actually play the piano as awful.
It’s like this winemaker told me once, you can say you like a wine or not but not that it’s good or bad (unless it’s turned to vinegar). Having said that, I have yet to hear one recording from Trifonov which made me sit up and take notice.

I really think his Liszt Sonata was LEGIT

The DG Live at Carnegie one? I’ll have to give it a more thorough listen.

yeah. I heard it live in da hall, it was pretty damn impressive.

Similar to my perceptions of Benjamin Grosvenor. He can defo pay the piano and nail anything he touches, but it leaves me feeling a bit cold…

da Grosvenor is also another mofo who plays exquisite as fuck…

daim, we have a rennaizance of da golden age mofo style!
Rezpek da TRIF feinberg style new bearded look. 8)

I like Grosvenor better, he also isn’t as hyped as Trifonov.
I see your point though.
They’re all still so young we have to give them time.
I still have (some) hopes for LL, but he seems to be going the Liberace route.

Lang Lang is simply, a clown. Zero understanding of what a single good phrase could sound like. It takes a special kind of ignorance.

”One of the greatest pianist since Glenn Gould. In the footsteps of Richter, Gilels and Horowitz.”

Don’t know know who said it but copied from facebook music page.

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How did he get so famous in the first place?


He played well in the big competitions. I think he’s just working too hard. He and Yuja need to chill more or risk cluburning out

When he behaves himself, he’s good. But, he’s already developed a liking for stretching the music completely out of shape. As such, I won’t bother with him again, unless I hear evidence that he’s changed.

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I wanted to like hiz Carnegie TE unleash so bad…but meh

He seems cool though. If you haven’t check out he was on Zsolts living the classical life show