Martha Argerich - Random Praise

concurred wit da mikeyg

fuck you, virgin, the only way you could get pussy was if a bitch randomly died infront of you.

These types of comments are not becoming of you 4 da :ziff: teaches tolerance, my child.

hahahhaa portugal

HAHAHAHAH hilariouzly diz haz becum da bezt CAP CUNT evah 8)

tru :doc: :dong:

hahahaha, iz dere a winnah?

i vote fo me :comme:

wut cunt contest???

You’re short. And asian.

hahahah yo name iz befitting

i think that the argerich photograph is fake.

who agrees?

that is sum old woman that resembles argerich

hahahaahhaahhaa, itz a fake. 8)

hahaha tiz now doubtful that i’d hit it if itiz not actually argentinarich.

wud one of u mofos post a pic of her when she wuz young?

do u happen to haff internet at home?

MAKE a fucking SEARCH…

"do u happen to haff internet at home? "