"Masterpieces" you don't dig

Rach 2.

I dunno why. It’s just kind of mechanically dramatic for me, too much darkness with an unnecessary complement of virtuos-ism. It’s lile Brahms, only with a showmanship factor involved.

I would pick Scriabin’s Concerto of it without much thought.

I feel the same way about various Rach pieces. I do like some of his music, and I love the Rachman’s actual playing.

Diz thread inzpired by da zepp not liking ricordanza my favourite mu*ic.


  • Hungarian Rhapsody 2 - Flashy and fun but just not that interesting
  • Much of Ravel (Debussy more pleasurable)
  • Chopin Ballade 1 - I can see why people like it, but it sounds kind of sentimental to me in a way that doesn’t resonate with my own feelings.

I apologise to all the masters who created these masterful works. I am nothing in comparison to you, and these creations are your contribution to humanity, while this thread seems an insult to humanity, I believe it is also a contribution in its own silly way, by being fun. Thanks.

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NAIT cracker, have you ever heard how Stan N. starts this concerto?

I don’t like the Brahms Sonatas, but have a horrible lurking feeling I might begin to enjoy them again if or when I reach old age.

Hmm…those opening chords are beautiful. It’s just that the orchestra enters with that low edgy melody, and I kind of lose my “boner”. I guess I just don’t typically dig “low” music in general. Music must be bright!

I recommend the Brahms Ballade No. 4 - fantastic transcendental work. If you haven’t heard it (which I might doubt), give it a listen.

I used to shove Brahms aside but I am starting discover a new treasure and alternative to the wackiness of our old Liszt (I’m also pretty young by the “median” age claimed for piano forums).

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Ahahahah REZPEC :sunglasses:

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I agree wis u, mofo
Rach is like “classical muzic lite” fo da masses, and not particularly imaginative 88 writing imho

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Tru. Too rambling

Inzultin da greatezt mofoz in da hiztory of m*zik n da 88 iz acceptable az long az tiz done wiz comedic gensui

Fo eg

BACH is ghey haha tru :sunglasses:

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Goldberg variations, and Diabelli variations.


Ligeti Etudez

Chamber music

All of it :sunglasses:


Apparently da :pimp: described the Franck quintet as “dangerously erotic”, which is high praise indeed :sunglasses:

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Most of it :sunglasses:


hahaha but REZPEC

fo acknowledgin dey iz maztapiecez :sunglasses:


Hey dumbo, diz thread iz bout cumpohzahz who wrote mastahpiecez :sunglasses:


Hahaha brutally rejected by a hot Cellizt chick back in hizkool? :sunglasses:

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Wutever it wuz dat inhabited Gilels’s scalp.

I don’t know, I’ve just had difficulties warming up to the sound of individual violins and cellos - and when you put them together it’s even worse.

I was playing for effect however, of course I don’t dislike the entire chamber music literature. I’ve had some great experiences with violin+piano in recent years, and I think a good cello+piano recital would score even higher, so I’m making progress at least. Trios and quartets however… Still working on that.

Hahaha which piecez do u actually like by him?

Daiiiiiiim :sunglasses:


jjuz addin dat sucky pyezez fo my tezt not necesrly bad nd unfun to learn nd pleigh. I vud find it hard to find an actual pyezez no matter how “zheeyat” dat i vud not liek to learn nd play. Becuz i think dat if me pleigh pyezez, interpretation wud automaticly turn it to my teyzt.

I enjoy epractising even Hanon exercsizes for diz matter.