Messiaen Turangalila Symphony

Proms 2001 - Royal Albert Hall
Andrew Davis - Conducter
Pierre Laurent Aimard - Piano
National Youth Orchestra of Great B

Tiz tru, 8)

Wich rec would you people advice me to buy of this piece?

-da Meph

Best rec I know of is Loriod/Ozawa with Boston on RCA.

But I have an Aimard Bootleg from Cleveland 2005 that simply owns

ahahaha iznt thiz tha legendary piece which featurz…


tru :whale:


diz iz da least tru mezz piece tru

rezpeeeccccc. my favorite rec is paul crossley’s. hopefully this one can top it.

You talking about the Crossley rec from the BBC Proms ? Or is there a CD rec too?

no, its a CD rec with esa-pekka salonen. i havent heard the proms rec. … B000065BYS

Hot damn, I never knew about that one. How about you post that, and I’ll post the live proms 06 rec.

deal. ill post it in a bit.

here is crossley and salonen’s turangalîla.

Here is da random applause and intro to da rec I posted:

-da Meph

Thanks JRE - Crossley Live 2004 is coming up.

I’ll get you the Aimard Live 2005 too - it’s the best rec I know of, besides the classic Loriod/Ozawa rec

Could you post that for the rest of us too?

Honza :whale:

Aimard Turangalila. Info is all included in the file:


(If it doesn’t work, wait ten mins - still upping)

thanks canadian!

thanks for the Aimard!

my da mezz be with u 8)

-da Meph