Most over-rated “great” pianist

  • Cortot
  • Godowsky
  • Lipatti
  • W. Kempff
  • Michelangeli
  • Sofronitsky

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da PACMOFO :sunglasses:

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Someone will be having a fit of da vaporz if dey evah return to dis forum :sunglasses:

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Godowsky sux



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tru most of da Godo existing recs kinda suck

hmmmm :sunglasses:

But tbf at least we know in advance what adjectives they will use :rofl:

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Da godo suspiciously record a lot too!

Burnished phrases and soaring lines?

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Al Jardine Trannys keep that mofo going

Respek those that get The Beach Boys joke AND the Anally joke

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Congrats you are in the worlds smallest Venn diagram overlap truly…

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daim, da Lipussy on top?

Interesting the hard bar line mofos fare worse then the occasionally moist until soggy mofos.

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haha zero votes for da Softporno?

It might be tricky to place Lipatti in a list along with the other fully-fledged pianists. If Lipatti was healthy enough to live another 30 years, the judgement might be changed greatly.

Conversely if Cortot lived a few decades less maybe less rep as a slippery fingered guy.

Yeah, based on the existing recs I can’t say that he is a “golden age” mofo. A very good modern penist.

Yes, very true. Another thing with Cortot is that when he was at his prime, the recording industry was incapable to capture him in many major works, or to record him live. Another example is Paderewski. When he had the chance to record with the electronic gramophone, he already stopped playing large-scale works.

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But remember those recordings need to be carefully designed to break into four minute sections before the pianist started recording, in order to fit well into 78 rpm discs. I think if he got a chance to record them live in the 1920s or 30s, the interpretation can be quite different.

It is true this is the same situation other pianists of that day had to face, but pianists like Kempff, Michelangeli, or Sofronitzky that in this voting list definitely have a better chance to record in the tempi and approach they personally prefer.

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Sure but it’s much better than nothing.

In the case of Golden Age mofos, they recorded each 4 min side until it was relatively clean. Good luck nailing everything in a live performance with Cortot-level accuracy. I love Cortot but tru, da 78rpm sides were more of a BLESSING for low-accuracy mofos.

And more realistic than the majority of modern overedited releases today.

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