most valuable chopets?

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What are your thoughts on French school of piano playing btw?


pozzibly juzt a bit legend

well… you just said it. It is hard then… im studying it and i feel like i have to be completely aware of all my mvnts like a choreography otherwise, at tru tempo it gets spoiled

Damn this topic is already 2 years old?

Anyway, after my final exam last may I decided it was time to learn all chopets now that I’m graduated. So I made it a project where I need to learn them all in order as thoroughly as possible, and be able

-to play them with the least mistakes possible (so preferably none)
-at the highest possible tempo (preferably as close to Chopin’s own metronome marking)
-with Chopin’s own fingerings as marked in Henle (when not specified I usually take Cortot’s)
-without pedal and as legato as possible with a decent tone.

… before I proceed to make it “performance worthy”. I try to make a bit of a sport out of playing chopets with metronome and playing them without rubato throughout. May not be m*sical, but this is only one of the many stages I try to go through with each etude. I also use the Cortot exercises and try to do them as extensively as possible. They are slow but damn do they work if you really put yourself into it and go at them with enough discipline.

I never intend to perform them or anything, I do this for myself as I really enjoy doing this for fun while I work on other bigger works. I’m only at no. 3 now but that’s because I hadn’t really done 1 2 or 3 before. 10/2 is actually going quite smoothly thanks to Cortot, also because I prepped for it for like 2 months. (btw, didn’t someone here say that his exercises were actually written down by an assistant of his or something?)

If I read through a couple of the later ones, the order in which Chopin ordered the etudes actually makes sense in a way. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying you have to learn them in order, of course.

Just thought I’d share diz tru



Da :tm: will nevah be able to play da 25/6. Dis piece - iz impossible. Can’t play a single measure.

Haha tru da post-graduate resoluzionz 8)

i iz at no 7 :blush:

hahahahaha which one wuz tha trickiest? :comme:

10/1 and 2. Fuck those, I lost half a year on those bitches. Still can’t play them decently.

Anima can you re-UL the Ganz? I am finishing up 25/6 and want to do the left hand.

haha fuck I’ve never tried 10/1 but all this talk about it (and on da random pianist interviews) makes me scared to try.

da thing with 10/1 iz, dere iz quite a few tricks to play it well. And they aren’t discussed in length on the score. Cortot has a pretty good discussion in his etude about the wrist movements (upward and downward, they are quite different).

Also you need a good 4,5 fingers to play it well, otherwise the top notes will be all garbled together. If you don’t have good 4,5 slow practicing this etude won’t help. So I would suggest maybe doing 25/6 first.

25/6 is probably the most technically beneficial etude in the set.

10/1 (u dont need amazing 4th)

tru i should really do 25/11 actually

and 10/5, really? why? cuz it makes you feel better cuz it’s sightreadable? 8)

I’m actually convinced that the most beneficial technique is the appropriate use of arm weight and finger as elongation of the arm,
and because of that I’ve got to (now) go with Op 25 no 11 “Winterwind”.

It’s long right hand sweeps, forte dynamics are perfect for weight transfer, and “stepping” on each note. Of course it needs to be done slowly, but it’s helped me tremendously and jumpstarted my technique honestly.

Some of the more difficult ones like op 25 no 6 and op 10 no 2 are awesome if you can pull them off but IMO can encourage bad technique since they’re quite and you can be very finger-oriented and not deep enough in the keys as a result.

In this notion, Op 10 no 1 is good as well.


After all these years I have to say that 25/11 has also been the most beneficial so far. That etude alone has completely changed and improved my right hand tech (esp 4 and 5) in the best way possible. The balance in my RH is also a lot better.

Rezpec for gavin the correct opinion :slight_smile:

tru da 25/11 iz alzo one of da mozt zatizfying piecez to unleazh :ziff: