Mravinsky - Shostakovich Symphony 5

No other rec comes close…



thanks alot fo dis!

i like shosta symphonies mo den beethoven or mozart symphonies. i have complete set of shosta symphonies on my comp, but i dunno who conducted it becuz it’s untagged.

diz iz wut i had

I didn’t dl your link… but I’m gonna assume that whatever complete set you have - it’s probably BARSHAI… That’s a good set, but I prefer Kondrashin a bit. Jansons new set too is another favourite.

The 4th movement is amazing. Shostakovich was such a wise-ass.

amazing rec

thank you

tha hamelin concert in two weekz will randomly haff tha SHOZTA 5 conducted by tha MTT (san fransisco philarmonic) which i iz lookin forward to.

i never thought i’d say this,

but its almost too fast in the 4th movement,

and holy SHIT whats up with that chord in the 4th movement, 10:00

= ?!?!

either way, the rest is good rec

haha da m*zical anuz iz juz ghey

I have a vid of this, tru

I will up. if any intersest?

ahaha fuck da canadian :rudy:

da comme is just DUMBFUCK

I have a vid too - though mine looks like a different one than yours. I’ll see if I can find it. The quality wasn’t very good, so I sorta watched it once and lost it.