my composition page

If it is ok with you guys, I would like to use this thread as my composition page. This way I won’t feel like I’m spamming the rest of the site with new updates. Let me know if this is NOT ok.

ANyways, epic new showpiece, for 2 FINGERS!!! … 7eee62c851

Edit: posted vid with music…

Epic arrangement, In the Hall of the Mountain King, 4 hands … b71b745675
took a few liberties with the original

Also soon to come, a solo piano version of Apocalypse Please by Muse and more Album scraps.

Apocalypse please, arranged for those with good technique, some rather hard things in here, seeing as how I combined the vocal track along with the original piano part. Left hand gets tiring after the second verse. ENJOY! … 72c81057b8
note: tempo sounds screwy, seeing as how I could only choose one :frowning:

tru lookin forward to liztnin but thiz zite takez 100 million zheeyatz to load :stop: :gav:

yeah, sorry… even worse when your trying to edit it. Also, forgot to point out, in the third verse, with the right hand, it’s supposed to be a tremolo ad libitum, but stupid thing doesn’t have that, and I really didn’t feel like writing every note, so just use your imagination… actually I’ll make a vid as soon as my left hand gets “cziffra” enough and my phone stops being gay…

Randomly, what did you think of the two finger piece?

not a great fan of the big chord-part, but the theme’s really catchy and i LOVE the gliss part :smiley:

Yeah, that part sounded better when I was messin around with it, but didn’t really know how to compose it… Glad you liked most of it though, my goal was for it to be catchy.

I think I posted a link to the sheets to this awhile back, but the vids seem to be easier to view, so… Album Scraps:
composed while my bro had brain surgery…

kind of Bach-ish, no?

admittedly weak…

I like this one, slightly random…

ending abit weak, might revise later…

more to come, possibly if I can figure out how to fit the notes comfortably, the 4hand grieg mountain king…

Da Grieg King-O-Da-Hill

Excuse the sloppiness, didn’t rehearse much, and my SD instincts took over at tha first Climax. Completely threw off my friend.

Finally found a decent take of this

Not exactly what was written at the end, but hey, I was practicing alkan before hand. Whaddya expect? :slight_smile:

A piece I just entered into a competition. I had to write it by hand, because that site couldn’t handle most of it. And I like the control I had being able to make it look the way I wanted to. This one basically started out as an improvisation, which I began to develop. Then I wrote out a basic melody line and fleshed it out with the same basic principles as my improvisation and kind of just went from there. It starts of softly, then gets more and more furious (check out the friggin crossovers on page 6!!) then fizzles back down for a nice soft ending. I can play it, but not as good as I would like to, which is why there is no recording yet. My main influences for this was Ravel water based pieces (jeux, ondine and barque) and in general the impressionistic period. So here it is, and I hope I win! … %2529.rar/

I would be eternally grateful if one of you maestros would play it and record a vid :smiley:

two etudes from a set of three I’m working on.
First is the one I sent to that comp a while back, just sequenced it into the program. … 6b82969e1c

Second is a CRAZY hard octave piece with lots of fury and Alkan-esque ideas. … 0be507ae05

I’ll make tube vids as soon as I have time :slight_smile: feedback welcome!

Midi with original manuscript. Looks prettier than the sequenced sheets imo Sorry for small size…

Revised, finished Etude no 2. obvious study in octaves. Might give alkan a run for his money imo.

I’m open to critiques on this one.

In the works, my most epic piece ever, etude no 3.
Bullet points:

  • Actual Melodies
  • Big and complex chord structures and progressions
  • Will include Lowest and Highest notes on piano
  • All F#s in half a second, repeatedly
  • Fury and moist parts

I’m baaaaack!

in the works, Vivaldi’s Summer arranged for piano solo

miniature titled hammered… use your imagination :wink: … 64fefcae01

Heavily influenced by Bach and Godowsky, this is by far my most complicated endeavor to date. I still have to give it a thorough analysis for playability, structural congruity and general vision, but I’m running out of “inspiration” on this compositional drive and would like some input on it as it stands. It is, for all intents and purposes “complete” but I feel like it hasn’t been perfected, some parts rushed, some parts lacking in subtlety. Anyhow, enjoy! … 3d4d01a358

…and yes, the theme is BACH is Bae.

Welcome back dude!

Vivaldi’s summer Transcription I mentioned many moons ago. It’s been “finished” for quite a while, but I still need to finish editing it for playability in a lot of areas. Like that one run in the middle of the first movement. Yea, I’m talking about you. Anyhow, enjoy and critique! … 51f76e2a1c

also, the first movement highlights my ADD tendencies rather nicely I feel.

Leech, good to be back.

Truuu stay yo ass here

And invite yo friends to join 8)

Small suite in C major. Fugue ties everything together. My goal was to write something that wouldn’t take a lifetime to learn. Enjoy! … 56679a4f30

gotta love writing in D# major -_-

Going to start making sheet music videos for my crap. These are such a pain in the ass…

Bach is Bae InPassFugue