My one year anniversary- What zhould I UL?

On May 19, Tiz my 1 year annie.

Any Requestz? Particularly, large orchestral works would be something I’m thinking of.


upload something different. something u feel dat u can contribute and furthah our muzical adrenaline.

your mom

upload something no one has, including da candain.

some Tchaikovsky Orchestral works

There’s a work for viola and piano by Liszt that I have never heard or seen.

da APHRO complete HAMMAHZ 88 comp vidz 8)

any sheeyat that has respectable :stop:

thanks for bringing tiz up. imo, this is one of da pimp greatest works ever written. totally masterpiece. very gloomy and depressing. it shows a reverse side of the pimp from da 88 and i never expected he could compose such magnificent work like this.

unbelievably well composed.

what is the title of the piece you are talking about? Heroide funebre?

oh, I see.

Les Introuvables de Cziffra 8)

today, a piece of hair came and said to me that you should just slaughter some gazelles and post them in the form of liquid sperm. i pondered on this tought for many a days. i thought it to be quite true. the outcome would be quite tremendous.

ah concur

bhut phuleezuh, Claire Huang’s mobile no. will do

:whale: u mofo. get me some of that stuff you’ve been hogging.

i was as sobre as a peach.


I believe that stuff is called marijuana. I can get it pretty quick where I live :smiley:

I’m thinking da Complete Don Giovanni and othah random jihad once I haff regained both conscioznezzz n coherenze aftah da random all 4 wizzum teeth impact zurga pozz