My Senior Recital

Bach Partita no 2

Mendy Fantasy Op 28

Ravel - Ondine (I had tendonitis for two months otherwise would have done full Gaspard, sucks… worked on Scarbo for a loooong time)

Beethoven - Appassionata

Unfortunately, some dynamics were really lost through camera, but thats ok; can’t expect a big range out of a camera.

Mendy 3rd movement and Appassionata 3rd movement ending :stop:

Bach pozz too fast. It may take a while to load.

cool, will check this and rezpec!

I like your ondine, gonna get the rest now

ahahah daim WIKID ondin fo zho much rezpec dezpite cam zound :gav:

i vil git tha brotha azzpazzion next :brotha:

muzt haved wikid tech if u rly played da scarbo

eh, Scarbo took FOREVER,

made everything seem easy in comparisson.

It actually got to the point where I had worked on it so much (very annoying disciplined practice) and it ended up my strongest piece/movement.

Le Gibet was surprisingly frustrating to coordinate because of the strangely voiced chords.

Thanks for listening Brew, Rob, milf (etc)


I’ve only watched the Ondine, so far. I love the tempo and the beautiful control over tone / colour.

Very nice. :rectum:

just watched the Ondine. Nice job. i still cant get this piece to work very well. i recorded it, but yours is miles better. gonna watch some of the other stuff too.

Tru…the ondine is such an easy piece to play in a banal way, but a very good job here…

the waters…


wtf thats not what I said at all…

Thanks Rob, Chris, Gruff…

Actually I must say Ondine definitely wasn’t easy, but of everything I performed, I practiced it the least… for some reason I didn’t find it nearly as difficult to keep in shape.

Something about that movement feels more natural than Appassionata or Mendelssohn, as ironic as that might be (consdering Ravel’s unidiomatic writing as a pianist).

Now I finally get to give my hand a rest and go hardcore violin for a May concert (hopefully).

The link doesn’t work for me randomly, says it can’t find server.

I’ve read through some of Ravel’s work (concerto for left hand, gaspard,…) and I’ve performed Jeux d’eau, and I must say it’s some of the most pianistic writing I’ve ever played. It all just feels SO good under your fingers, all you really need a loose and relaxed wrist. Not that that’s all there’s to it, but actually playing Jeux d’eau must’ve been the “easiest” work on my program. It just feels so good and there’s nothing about it that was “oh shit, now it’s the hard part”. It all feels ‘safe’.

Reading and learning Ravel is something else though :angry:

Gaspard is well beyond me at this stage but having listened to it a million times following along with the score, ondine seems really hard, because you have to have absolute control over sound/colour. Or maybe I’ve been listening to Michelangeli too much. :lib:

Ah, I see.

Well, I haven’t looked through any other Ravel - this was my first :blush:

I just know that Scarbo and IMO Le Gibet was some of the most unidiomatic writing I’ve encountered; awkward chords, bizarre 5-1 crossovers etc - not to mention everyone complains about the beginning of Ondine, which varies so much depending on piano.

I’ll have to tackle something else - maybe Tombeau or Miroirs

What you say about the wrist is so true; I finally conquered that problem of the wrist/stiffness through my shoulders, and that happens to be around the time Scarbo started to feel much better.

If only I had done so for La Campanella :unamused:

i may aswell post me rec. it’s hardly SD material, but would be nice to get some feedback.

Very impressive playing! Great job.