Nadia Reisenberg

I was listening to the Carnegie rec again… Anybody know where I can get some of the other 500 plus recs she made that aren’t released housed at IPAM?

Anybody heard this stuff. Is it as good as this rec??

Apparently IPAM sells some of them directly. I heard somewhere that her complete Mozart Concertos are incredible and only available from IPAM through special order.

In the meantime, I have other recs. Let me know if you want any of these: and

[EDIT: Here’s where I read about it: LINK Maybe we could all pitch in and buy it. I’m good for $100 ]

I have one CD, I uploaded it on my YT channel:
I like her playing. It’s tasteful, unfussy, with a lot of attention to details.
There’s also a Kabalevsky album (Preludes). … m_id=89291

How much are they asking?
I’ll chip in.

Yeah, I can chip in too.
We can do the same for other IPAM stuff.

PS: I will be particularly curious about hearing her play Russian Piano classics.

Mr Canadian, can you please upload Russian piano classics and they haydn and the chamber stuff…

The nocturnes and mazurka album didn’t do much for me initially but I felt myself coming back to it over and over.

Also if someone wants to lead the charge getting other stuff I have 50 bucks toward it.

Just tell me where to paypal.


I like her Barber 4 Excursions.

Sorry I’m not chipping into this, expenses are too tied up.

Tomorrow I’ll send an email to Don Manildi, assuming he’s still the IPAM guy, and see what Reisenberg recs they have for sale. Hopefully at least the Mozart Concertos are still available.