name da composers quiz

only 106 tru - knew most but memory blank (and some majors missing!)


hahahahahha juz who tha fuck iz LOUIZ SPOHR?

tru i didnt do zo well :gav:

Pre Bach get’s hard.

Spohr was on there? haha
The Octet get’s played a bit.

95, shameful. fun quiz, but there are some very questionable omissions!

Frank Zappa, but not Szymanowski?

hahaha da fuckin PEROTIN

Yeah I was surprised at the missing Szymanowski too (is he really less significant than Sessions, who I guessed?)

got only 106 :frowning:

Name da symphonies by key … ys/results

Racks your brain! 56 for me but should have got the rest.

haha I only got 20 :blush:

most of them Beethoven and Brahms

ye i got him and da fuckin LEONIN too 8)

Da Chop opus numbers