Name that Tune V2.0

20 samples, mostly Orchestral, but with some other random stuff thrown in. About half of them are easy and the other half slightly more difficult and one or two that I don’t expect anyone to get.

Enjoy, and try not to embarrass yourselves.

Consider this a warm-up to the MUCH harder Piano version, which will follow shortly.

fuckk 3 iz wiikid

11 - mahlah 2

13 - nigga 4 finale

14 - bra zhitzo by katchen

Hahaha, well I’ll be damned. Comme scores a Hat-Trick. Respect :rectum:

haha how da fuck can da 88 verzion b hardah den diz

tiz da sdc :doc:

  1. Prokofiev Symph 1
    4 is too easy …
    11: Mahler Symph 2
    12 is well-known but I can’t recall it exactly right now. Holst or Dvorak pozzibly.
  2. Sibelius Tapolia?

Prok 1 is correct.

No. 4 is too easy, but I think it could be difficult for those who only know that composer’s two other, more famous symphonies.

12 is definitely not Dvorak or Holst. Wrong side of the ocean.

15 not Sibelius, though the composer’s name also begins with S

No. 5 - Prok Romeo and Juliet suite.
No. 6 - Beethoven Grosse Fuge

12 is copland, possibly? i know ive heard it, but cant for the life of me remember what it is.

and damn, 3 does sound wicked. i feel like ive heard it before. something in d minor.

  1. Schubert B flat major trio
  2. Tchaik 4 4th mvt
  3. Debussy - La Mer
  4. Brahms 1

3 sounds like dvorak pc…

2 is Schubert Bb Trio
3 is Dvorak Concerto with Richter and Kleiber.
4 is Tchaik 4 mov 4
5 is Romeo and Juliet
6 is Beethoven’s Grosse Fugue
10 is La Mer
12 is Copland’s Appalachian Spring
16 is Brahms 1st Symphony

Still unanswered 7-9, 15, 17-20

Some hints. 7 is by a french composer and was used in a very famous animated movie. 8 and 9 are Czech - the composers of 8 and 9 were related.
15 is from a symphony featuring an organ. 17 is a Russian Piano Quintet. 18 should be ridiculously easy. 19 is Czech and 20 is Russian.

14 is a Scherzo by Brahms

15 is Saint-Saens Organ Symphony
8 and 9 must be Dvorak and Smetana, then :laughing:

  1. Sorcerer’s apprentice by Dukas (the two piano version is great, too)
    god, ive heard 17 before but i think probably only once, so i can’t remember what it is. out of all those czech ones, im sure that smetana will be one of them, but i don’t think ive heard them before.
    This is when I get embarrassed at the very litte and mainstream orchestral repertoire I know.

daim when it iz zolvd cud u u’l tha full zheeyat of whutevah numbah 19 iz? :gav: :gav: :gav:

17 is shostakovich quintet 3rd movement

20 is shosta 7th (leningrad) symphony 1st movement

daim you posted the answers before i could edit this 8)

I’m bored by all this so here are the answers.

  1. Prokofiev Symphony 1 conducted by Ancerl
  2. Schubert Piano Trio 1 by Suk Trio
  3. Dvorak Piano Concerto by Richter/Kleiber
  4. Tchaikovsky Symphony 4 Mravinsky
  5. Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet: Juliet as a girl cond. Ancerl
  6. Beethoven Grosse Fugue by Juilliard Qtet
  7. Dukas Sorcerer’s Apprentice cond by Levine
  8. SUK Symphony 2 ‘Asrael’ Conducted by Neumann
  9. Dvorak Violin Concerto Mov 3 by Josef Suk / Neumann
    10 Debussy La Mer cond. Paul Paray
    11 Mahler Symphony 2 cond. Klemperer
    12 Copland Appalachian Spring cond. Bernstein
    13 Beethoven Symphony 4 conducted by Kleiber
    14 Brahms Scherzo by Katchen
    15 Saint-Saens Symphony 3 ‘Organ Symphony’ by Munch
    16 Brahms Symphony 1 cond. by Walter
    17 Shostakovich Quintet Richter / Borodin qtet
    18 Bruckner Symphony 4
    19 Dvorak Requiem cond. Ancerl
    20 Shostakovich Symphony 7 Cond. Ancerl

No. 8 and 19 were the ones I expected nobody to get. Although I have posted recordings of these two works before. Same goes for the Shosty 7, but I already knew nobody downloaded it when I posted it :slight_smile:

lol, that was a ‘serves you right for not downloading my uploads!’ comment