New 88

One of the halls is wanting to purchase a new piano. They have a good deal on a shigeru from a store that only deals kawai so will obviously push it.
I’ve never been a kawaii fan but haven’t played a shigeru. Any mofos have experience?

I’m going to tell them contact a non biased store, which means they’ll probably push a Yamaha which from experience I wouldn’t have s problem with.

What size of 88?

A yamaha CFX or full concert grand Shigeru costs more den a Steinway D…

I dun no their budget. But would want concert grand, 6’7 minimum I guess.

A Yamaha C7 is a good value.

The Steinway B will sound smooth, a bit over 6 feet…

Never played a Shigeru in my life

Tru, I know a yammie will be decent and reliable.

They hired a c3 last year and wanted to get it again for :rocky: 2. I said :woozy_face: , please look at other options.

C3 is a bit too small tru. Datz a 6’1

Especially when the orchestra is somewhat bigger than average.

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Any way to get at least a Steinway B??

I’ve asked them to speak to a shop that isn’t kawai specialist to get other options.
It would be nice to broaden the range and not get a steinway but one place tried that with a bosendorfer and it hasn’t been too favorably received. When Zuckerman came, he asked to bring up a steinway…

I used to laugh at Kawai. But I’ve been warming up to them in the last couple years and even just bought a Kawai concert artist digital piano for home which has a very nice (and real) action. It’s primary sampling is the Shigeru, so if that’s any indication it is a lovely sound. Kind of reminds me of Bösendorfer but slightly brighter.

ahahahaha da zepp home 88 wuz a priztine kawai uprite durin da legendary era commonly known az

SDC antiquity :sunglasses:

twuz a wikid inztrument wiz a zumwut dark tone :lib:

They have one at the Queensland conservatorium. I played it when I was up there once, but I cannot really offer an opinion on it. I’d always choose a Hamburg Steinway anyway.

Spoke to another store today. He said there’s a limited edition yammi s6 coming in, will go and have a play.

Well dis pissed me off. Good god, spending some money on something aside from sport! Although gotta admit 100k is surprisingly generous.



74k seems more than reasonable. I spend 40k on my own piano, I don’t know what they’re crying about.

Damn! Never tried da S series

But dats gonna be like 80k

You can’t get a full sized 88 fo anywhere near dat much? Wtf

HAHAHAHA da zepp 88 in new zeppland cozt ma parentz


I iz eternally grateful :sunglasses:

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Tru. Rezpek!

Almost same, 4k :+1:


“The hall already has a piano, which council staff said was in good working order”
“[The mayor] said the piano was more than serviceable”