New Brotha Zon

Hate how little recognition these things get!

Sounds like a crap piece, and the performance is even worse…

Hahaha da Chriz back in full force 8)

alex ross complains how the media should stop reporting on a crap piece from hundreds of years ago … laint.html

This was written before the 1st piano sonata? Seems really odd to me. It’s just too different from any of the works in Beethoven’s early period. It also doesn’t seem to have the sense of structure that Beethoven always brought to all of his compositions.

^ da brotha zpeakz about hiz own early zonata 8)[/code]

hahaha dis zonata iz sheeyat! I certainly didnt write it 8) 8) :brotha: :brotha:

remember, this was done by some musicologist. we have no idea where the cutoff is between beethoven and this musicologist. it’s crap because it’s not all beethoven.

rofl RANDOM 8)

but apt because it’s a better piece of music 8)