New Cziffra BBC broadcast surfaces!

I would say, most of this is probably from:

1963 October 3, London - BBC

Chopin: Sonata No. 2, Op. 35
Waltz Op. 42
Liszt: Liebestraume No. 3
Grande galop chromatique
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6

Yup - they’re two incomplete recordings of the same broadcast

Here, the Chopin Sonata is complete…

Damn, it’s nice to finally have this…
Strange that they did not film this as well…

I meant that pieces are missing from both recordings, the complete broadcast was much longer.

Tru story. My teacher was actually present at da infamouz :ziff: warmup thus saw it firzt hand.

I wonder why Cziffra decided to limit his performing repertoire this much…





ahahahaha da ZIFF bbc vid ztill one of da greatezt RAW 88 unleazhz evah captured on film

tho da CAM MOFO who zed ‘thank you Mr ZIFF’ at da end zeem lyk a bit of a cock 8)

n randomly da ZIFF perf rep wuz not exactly zmall

lez c wut kind of progz da HO cud offah…

…aftah chillin in a GULAG fo a few yrz 8)

Hahaha fuckkkkk

Horowitz wouldn’t have lasted two days without his Dover sole.

I was told that some of the camera people were in shock and “they forgot protocol”…

Untru. In 1924-1925 he presented 11 different rectals without repeating a piece twice n also da Rach 3, T1 n Pimp 1 trucombo.
Often, he was paid wiz a sack of potatoes per rectal


11 programs played like young horowitz tru – sumthing entirely different than say a lezbo unleash

What the fuck does that have to do with anything?
If you think Horowitz would survive in the Gulag, you’re even crazier than I thought. :tm:

I like to think he’d pair off with a richter type and be alright ; )

he’d survive bro.

Jews are really crafty, I would know.
Da Ho would work his way up, becum Gulag director, and negotiate a 5000 rublez per Gulag rectal directly from da commie authorities n den win a fuckin medal fo bezt wartime service 8)