New Debargue disc is out

I’m listening to it now on Spotify.
First movement of Schubert didn’t sit right on a first listen, it’s quite different from how I like this, but the rest was very enjoyable.
I’m really liking the Szymanowski so far, a piece which I don’t know very well (only have da doc’s recording), pozz will listen again with the score.
I will see this programme live on the 27th of November but my seat isn’t great so not optimistic for the bootleg sound quality.

Hamelin recorded the Szymanowski 2nd Sonata? How did I miss that?

Or do you just mean the 2002 Munich recital?

Yeah that one, it’s been so long since I listened to it that I couldn’t even remember whether it was a studio recording or not.

Thanks for this info - somehow I didn’t knew about this disc.

In a few days another Debargue’s CD should come out! Messiaen Quartet with good cast - Martin Frost, Janine Jansen and Torleif Thedéen.

and I didn’t know about that one!

I relistened to the Szymanowski, still struggling a bit with the “third” movement even when following the score.
There’s definitely good music in there.

I’m listening to the Messiaen now on Spotify.
I’ve never really listened to this piece much but I like it.
The recording is good except for the heavy breathing (no idea whose) which is somewhat distracting.