New Gilels issue covers five unpublished Amsterdam recitals

Tracklist, in Japanese, can be found here: … -1975-1980

These five recitals have been listed in the discography as PTA (which I have not heard) so nothing new, but maybe the official release offers better sound, as it uese Netherlands Radio’s archive tape as the source.

My copies of these all sound pretty great, so I doubt the sound will improve much. Good concerts though. Gilels was starting to getting slower, but he still had it.

If anyone wants these, let me know and I’ll dig 'em up and post them.

That would be great! There are quite a few of his Salzburg/France/Amsterdam concerts still left unpublished.

This label Fondamenta is the one which released the Zelikman CD. Respect da Zelikman. Does anyone have the Tropp CD?

C–I’d add a vote especially for the 4/15/80 recital—I have some parts of that, other parts no.

PS–speaking of Amsterdam EG’s—also curious if you have the 10/74 Beethoven 3 w Jochum?

Thanks, as always.

I wish I knew you were interested. I had a recital with him playing obscure Russian repertoire which I actually deleted a few months ago (the backlog is too big…).

??? He’s Russian dude, just act reflexively.

Who has Zelikman recital recordings?

I can ask for a new copy if you like? It was a friend’s audience tape from 5-6 years back. I don’t remember the program, but it was lots of little Russian pieces - probably Liadov Preludes, Rebikov and similar.

Thanks but no need, don’t worry about it. I would love to hear some early Tropp recordings if you ever find any.

yes - please

If only there were a recording out there of Gilels in LvB Op.2/1 and Op.111

pls do so, chris! thanks in advance!