New Hofmann book

nope. too broke this month.

Got 5 cine lenses (Ro4-1M, Ro3-3, Ro3-3M Ro61-5, OKS1-35-1) on the way… and will adapt 3 of them from Oct-18 to EF to gift to the studio I rec in… parts kinda expensive.

Yeah, like forgotten by whom? Peeps dat truly love da 88 know about da…

P.S. @ElGordito

Midnight Cowboy one of my all time faves.

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The haunting voice of Nilsson perfect for that movie. I like to too!

Both performances are top shelf…very moving…and it has some interesting seens of 60’s counterculture…

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I didn’t know that this song from Reservoir Dogs was also Harry Nilsson.

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Think the Jolie papa was youngest Oscar mofo for a while on that. Deserved!

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anyone got it?

This book tries but it reads more like a term paper than a gripping narrative written by a knowing, experienced biographer. The author organizes the book into discrete topics rather than follow a chronological throughline of Hofmann’s life. As a result the reader never feels he/she understands, or penetrates beyond a remote distance, the personality and motivations of this very unusual and singular musical figure who created sounds on the piano unlike any other artist, love him or hate him. His double life as a scientist/inventor is explored to a point, and there are some details of his troubled domestic relations, but a unified portrait of a man who was surely immensely complex psychologically never really jells. Did he really have an affair with Mary Curtis Bok, as Gian Carlo Menotti claimed in a taped interview? What interesting things did legendary pianologist Jan Holcman observe about Hofmann? What about the secondary soundboard, which you can see in the YouTube videos of Hofmann, which Hofmann designed to help him realize that magical sound? You won’t find answers to any of those questions in this book. Ms. Carr quotes from some revealing letters, but also loads the book with a lot of boilerplate documents that don’t really illuminate. She does rightfully cite his unique way of “improvising the interpretation” and “subdividing the color.” Hofmann fanatics will probably want to read this book anyway, but it is to be hoped that another, more probing biography will eventually come along.

Yeah, I read it. Totally agree with that review. It’s ok, but nothing special. Da same author’s book on Cherk is better.

yeah we need more prime Hofmann recs. Who cares which milf he creamed.

He surely didn’t :sunglasses: