New Richter boxset from Profil contains new? materials

Profil will issue the fourth volume of Richter’s recordings from radio archives next month. This is a 12CD box devoting to Liszt and Chopin.

While most of the recordings have been published in various formats before, there is one item that I think might surface for the first time:

Liebestraum No. 3

Moscow, Conservatoire, Large Hall

Sad as it is I bet they’ve sourced this from youtube. They did the same with several recordings in their Lipatti box last year.

Not sure… Profil claims that their source is the German Radio Archives. I feel they are a relatively reliable label. But for those early recordings, it is hard to say whether the sound can be better than YT if the source is the same.

The source of that is a Gostelradio facebook post

It is also on Youtube, tho sadly, not on ma channel: