new TRIF recitaL program

Mompou: Variations on a Theme of Chopin
Schumann: Chopin, from ‘Carnaval’
Grieg: Studie (Hommage à Chopin), from ‘Stimmungen’
Barber: Nocturne, Op. 33
Tchaikovsky: Un poco di Chopin, from ‘18 Morceaux’
Rachmaninov: Variations on a Theme of Chopin, Op. 22
Chopin: Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, Op. 35 (excerpts)

Recorded at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall on 26/9/2017.

I will see this programme in January but I have a shit seat.

WTF? Just Chopin from Carnaval? Sonata 2 excerpts? Fucking millennials man.

You can see him play the Schumann Chopin as the last encore here

Pretty cool prog

Well, this guy did not - and for once Trifonov is actually playing well. I’m really enjoying this.

They did not bootleg the whole Sonata tru

ah ok, excuse me. I thought he played the second movement of the second PC (in that video) beautifully.

Da Trif pozz has da most wikid Sound since VH!


So much color. Damn, that’s the only modern pianist I listen to regularly.
Actually, in many ways, I prefer TRIF to the Golden Age mofos, they simply did not have this insane level of tech and accuracy

Dude, you don’t attend enough concerts to judge sound.

I heard every one of his NYC solo recitals, starting with da 2011 IKIF debut with da Scrib 3 and Liszt Meph.
Fucking amazing sound.

Seriously - da Chopin 24 Preludes at his Carnig debut transported moi back to fuckin 1920.
Same goes for the Schumann Symphonoc Etudes.

I pretty much heard all his live NYC stuff.
Plus a mini private rectal at sum random NYC event only fo students.
Dis mofo sounds wikid even on a sheeyat 88 8)

Yeah well no wonder you think his sound is the best from a sample of one.

Yeah well I have no desire to hear anyone else.
Aside from the Golden Age mofos.

And Fei Fei Dong of course.

Then don’t make such claims.

I’d love to go hear Yuja but only if someone blindfolds moi.
You expect moi to judge her playing subjectively?
Damn she’s hot 8)

I did hear many many comp winners etc at da IKIF over the years.

The most wikid living mofos imho iz:

Trif, Kozhukhin, Mndoyants, Grynyuk, Gulyak

All those recitals made a huge impression on moi

I think we can say that MOFO is correct given how popular Trifonov is

Yeah. Everyone is tired of the irrelevant finger movers like Lang Lang, Lisitsa, Yundi, Howard - just to name a few.

Can we have at least one thought-through phrase played with a pretty tone?

Trif has a legit golden age Sound man.
If I want to hear some wikid athletics I might check elsewhere.
Trif satisfies da m*zical cravings and also has plenty of tech.

  • Golden age
  • Trifonov

pick one.

Man, he got da 1920’s pre-Horowitz Sound.

Check out dis Chop Noct.

How is that NOT golden age?