Nobody playz da gud sheyeat in concert

Fuck… I wanted to attend live concertos of a few pieces for some years now, but nobody playz it… Every year there are at least 5 performances of Beethoven PC 5, Rocky 3, Tchaik PC 1, dozens of Apassionata, Pimp Zon, Chop Zon 2+3 performances etc. within 30km of where I live.

But… I’ve been waiting for performances of Barber PC or Prick PC 2 or Busoni PC or Rzewski’s Mofos united and many other gensui pieces for many years now. I’d travel 100s of km and spend 100s of Euros for them, but ztill nobody plays them…

Diz sucks big time!

tha :doc: vil zhine hiz merciful light on u one day pozz

I’ve been to :doc: concerts twice, but on both occasions he played mostly ztandard rep…

I saw da Nagel con :smiling_imp:

ahahaha da shrimp prick2 8)

i absolutely agree with you. it’s the reason i don’t go to many concerts.

randomly i saw a poster today for a concert with le festin on it (but the concert had passed).

how about kissin playing rzewski de profundus?
or lang lang playing busoni concerto?

but seriously, it would be great to hear some of these guys try to make some history here, instead of repeating it. i’d like to hear volodos play the alkan concerto. that would be a fucking event - even if you don’t like volodos, like me.

u have to undahztand that [color=yellow]in general mofoz iz willing to pay for da :chop: inztead of prok or kan.

likevize, ticketz iz likely to be sold out if da tchai pc, schumann, rocky conz…etc iz being unleashed. that said, it depends on da pianiz.

we live in da capitalist world. eventually, it’z all down to money, so i dont have any sheeyat against that. if i were a pianist, i’d rather play repetitive sheeyat and have a sold out ticket or cloze than play lesser known pieces or sheeyat that public rarely givez a sheeyat with 1/2 empty hall. truzt me, when u walk into da hall and u see empty spot every other seat, the gensui atmosphere iz gone.


rezpec $$$$

that’s true

but a lot of these guys have garnered such a following, and such public adoration, that they could program something furious and “unusual” and people would still go.

how much do you think general audiences go to hear specific music, and how much do they go to hear the specific performer? it seems to me that they go for the performer. someone enlighten me if i’m off here.

I don’t blame da peniszts but rather da audience.

Tha average classical muzic listener iz just a bit sheeyat.

da 88ztreet zheeeyatnezz

The “nifty fifty” as I call it, is what sells tix, no matter how indifferently they’re played. Tiz a pity.


ahahaha duz da nifty fifty include da 24 chopetz? :whale:

Let us just face it; da normal concert audience wouldn’t even what da chop valses sounds leik,dey juzz want beautifull classical music, play whatever you like, as long as the music is somehow tonal they will like it. If it iz a-tonal or very dizzonant diz may be a problem, n u may reconsidah if diz rep iz bezt suited foh a special feztival leik a contemporary music fezt sheeyat. Mah parents who leik classical music, but never listens to it regurally find Alkan to be as beautifull as anything else, dey dun care if it is mainstream oh not. Neither will da normal concert audience.

I am sure n audience vill find a random prog(*) played gud as interesting as a mainstream prog(+) played gud

Scrib son1

Kan mini son


pre inzane-scrib :wood: rep

encore sheeyat

Bach Partita 1

Chop prels

inter sheeyat

Random Liszt pieces

Chop son 3

encore sheeyat

-da Meph

hahahha dat firz prog iz wikid tru

i zay, eitha play zum unique sheeyat, o play non-unique sheeyat uniquely

haaha da comme wuz pizzed wen da doc cummah to northumberland n unleazhed a complete zl*w niggahzonz concert

da doc firzt mart concert random haydn, shoe op12 / pimp tranz, KAN ZYMPHURY den 5 truly random piecez in encore

datz way u fill da hall wiz da 90old mofoz n criticz thankz to da haydn den u unleazh da wikid random rep fo da sdc

da :wood: zhud think about diz :lib:

hahaha tru, i lure da zweet innocent chix in wiz ma zexy allurin eyez n cute zmile :slight_smile:

den i unleazh da monztah on dem :brotha: :dong: :doc:


ahahah tha tz o juz zent me a zheeyaet zayin tha doc iz cummin to play tha

mezz turanglia zymph

i vil pozz go to c tha legendary ondmart unleazh