NoztradaZEPP predickteh

Global Recezzion cummah

zumwhere around

Now :sunglasses:


buy ziffroz :sunglasses:


Hahah I haff been seeing a steady decline in USA since

Sept 11, 2001.


And da reazon(z) being…?


ahahahah hizdorically, cumpetent dictatahz wud uzually be very careful about uzin overtly nationalizt/racizt propaganda if dey perceive deir cuntry to be even remotely

multi-cultural or multi ethnic :rainbow:

not TRUMP tho :sunglasses:

diz mofo be dicktatin lyk he in charge of a pure aryan nation :gav:

da problem tho

when u iz tryin to ezcalate a zhoutin match of ‘WE IZ WIKID, U IZ ZHEEYAT’ againzt da rezt of da world

u really dun want a quartah of yo own population azkin demzelvz:

‘wait, zo duz ma cuntry think i iz wikid or zheeyat?!’ :lib:


“We Americanz r all equal, but zome r a bit mo equal than othaz…” :pig:


ahahahah wut iz da :pear:MOFO opinion on da current

:jp: :kr: trade war? :sunglasses:

No, no politician is to blame… it really is the world economy?

All I see is a steady but slow decline here

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Hah da Trumpzky juz zay whut his handler wants him to say.

All puppets, and politics is not to be taken seriously. All satanic shit all the way. Putting the wolves in charge of the sheep

Worrizome…culd ezcalate…

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Da trump iz cumpletely unworried by any sense of nuance or irony, othahwize he might juzt think again about hiz habit of bringing foreignahz into da cuntry… n marrying dem.

I dun think any thought goez into da zlavering drivel cazcading from hiz fat mouth beyond “attack any mofo hu critizizez me” and “how will diz play with mah core vote” (when that core votah findz spare time from wanking off ovah deir armament collection, learning to cunt to zix using deir toez, and fucking deir ziztah).


I randomly doubt da Trump zay any zheeyat his handlah want him to Zay.

He go thru alot of handlerz Tru

Every word Trump puts out there comes from carefully researched data analytics including his insults and defamatory word choices. Don’t buy the lucky idiot hype. Name another dude that never even tried politics and snagged the leader of the free world spot.


Gud luck China


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Haha DIZ !!! :girth: :tm:

Da Hilary debate true :rectum:

@vladspeedster bill burr taking control of election night broadcazt

Stanhope here too

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Exactly. He is a crafted persona and worships Lucifer like they all do

China has their own masonic scumbags. All the same shit. Devil-worshipping leeches = politicians.