:rock: -nvm
:pimp: -nvm wut?
:rock: -just nvm. itz not important.
:pimp: -DAYUM dis iz gonna eat me up all day!
:rock: -no really it’s nuthin special.
:pimp: -i dun care. if it’s nothin special juzt tell me.
:kan: -hey doods wutz goin on?
:pimp: -he made a face like he was gonna say something and then he said “nvm” and wont tell me.
:rock: -go away alkan this doesnt concern you.
:kan: -FUCK YOU! every pussy can play ur sheeyat 8)
:pimp: -hahaha ouch to you rach.
:rock: -at least i get played you fuckah.
:kan: -jeeze… it was just a joke.
:rock: - i know, i’m sorry man, i’ve just been feelin wired all day.
:pimp: -probably cause of your tiny penis.
:comme: - i have a tiny penis too. will you be my friend?
:pimp: -no
:kan: -no
:rock: - …maybe. i mean no.
:brotha: -hey guys my life didnt overlap with any of yours so i’m dead!
:lib: -ahahaah
:ziff: -ahahahah
:rectum: -ahahhahah
:chop: -ahahahah dayum i’m ugly
:whale: -ahahhaaa
:ho: -ahaahaaahaaha my liver
:comme: - …
:comme: - …
:comme: - …
:comme: -i dont get it.


respec for da skeptooo

da boredom

where the hell did ur emoticon go?

:stop: - HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME!!!

:doc: - every young ztudent deez dayz playz da :rock: 3rd, n u aint gunna tell mah-zelf datz EZ


:doc: they should play da easy god sonata

(glad u read ur booklets)