Octave Drill Suggestions

A valid approach :rectum:

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OLD SCHOOL scale marathon drilling zheeyat. rezpektable

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Oh man taking the full girth of those scales in one hand. Oddly I bet this would arrange really well for one hand… where da doc at???

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@Ashley_Tervort I warm up by playing virtual octaves on the table for 20 to 30 minutes as if I were actually playing octaves on the piano, while holding a pen in each hand with the thumb and pinkie, gradually speeding up, until the blood gets rushing and the temperature of my fingers drops and they actually feel cold, but not from the temperature of the room that I’m in. This significantly increases traction and stimulates my hands and fingers. First, play slowly, and then gradually speed up. If you ever feel a tightening in your arm, STOP IMMEDIATELY. This has proven the best way to warm up, and is my “secret”. But one of my teachers told me that this is a “horrible” exercise, probably meaning that it could cause serious hand damage. It never happened to me, though. The only time I’ve sustained any kind of injury (and none of them were pemanent) from playing is when i was practicing the Chop RevEt in 8s- and one of those times it happened beacuse I played it without doing the above-mentioned exercise with the pens. So proceed at your own risk with my advice, but I don’t recommend the ChopRev in octaves- instead try something else (easier).


Vid demo please!!

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Adele Marcus suggested these daily exercises, including one in octaves that goes thru all keys: