Octavorxz Glissandoes...how da fuckz does one play it????

seriously…how??? when i try it, my finger won’t even move, cuz the first and lil finger are touching the sides of the key, and well, the heys r bl;ocking it…

i can only go down wit mah righ hand and up wit mah lh. mah pinkiez dun hav tha girth to go tha otha wayz. :chop:

:bar: : “I iz faztah wiz double zcalez”

:god:: [color=cyan][size=150]“forget me not”[/size]

hold hand in firm octave position.

glide octave over the keys lightly (no need to make sound yet)

make sure you’re making a nice continuous “wave” with the keys (visually)

then, gradually go deeper until you hit the tone point of the keyboard.

eventually you’ll make a good octave gliss. sound.

if you get hurt doing this shit, you’re doing it wrong nigga. :whale:

fingertips hard as penis :comme:

islameys the only octgliss I can do without TOO much pain.

(or blood on keyboard)


blood=fury 8)

it also helps if the piano action is light. I find I can’t do it on every piano.

Or if the keys are smooth, some old piano’s have pretty sharp edges.

play them lisgt.