Overture to tha Tanned Ho

8) :pimp:

I will listen to this after I watch GoT.

dude well played, impressive prog too. I’ll listen to the op 111 next.

Thanks mate! It was a draining program for sure…

(Now that I listen to it again, the recordings sadly do not have the reverb so it doesn’t sound very exciting…)

tru , I concur with da TM… great job :stop:

Love the tone/phrasing/timing in the first part so far, good job man

I appreciate all your compliments! Hopefully I can continue my studies next year so I won’t have to go home and work at a frozen yogurt store…

Epic piece. Well played!

great perf! really excellent control of this piece!

did reminded me of arrezted development :dong:

well, there’s always money there

hahaha the banana stand… luckily I found out last week the my gf and I both got an assistantship for doctoral studies so we will survive for a while!

Thanks mang!