Parnassus will issue Richter's 1965 Brooklyn recital

See … n-brooklyn

Not sure whether it has a new source or it will use the in-house recording as the source.

The audience recording is one of the best sounding Richter recs ever, I love da ambient recz tru

Yes, I agree. But it is disappointing that they issue something already available online, rather than dig into some radio stations and get something really new and fresh. In such case I do admire Melo Classics in finding new materials.

I wish someone would just issue da 1940’s stuff from da Gosteleradiofond

I think Parnassus has run out of new stuff to issue. Of late they’ve been releasing items that were published in limited circulation or, now, unpublished but circulating extensively among collectors. I doubt this one comes from a better source than what is already out there.

Where in Brooklyn was this? I must know because I used to live there. Maybe my favorite place I’ve lived . …but it have zum competitn Tru.

Da VOL go all over da place. And I’m not sho why anymore…

22/04/1965 - New York, Brooklyn Opera House

Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 18 Opus 31.03 *
Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 31 Opus 110 *
Mendelssohn Variations SÈrieuses Opus 54 *
Brahms Rhapsody Opus 79.02 *
Brahms Intermezzo Opus 118.01 *
Brahms Intermezzo Opus 119.03 *
Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 2 Opus 14 *
Rachmaninov Etude-Tableau in F-sharp minor Opus 39.03 *
Ravel Alborada del Gracioso - Miroirs No. 4 *
Ravel VallÈe des cloches - Miroirs No. 5 *

Day program is awesome