Pavarotti Dies

Luciano Pavarotti, one of opera’s most beloved tenors, has died.


first Rostropovich, then Pavarotti… oh my Gosh…

pavarfotti when he zang tha NEZZUN dorma at tha Italy OLYMPICZ juz ztoppped mah heart

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whut a godaamn LEGEND :lib:


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I listened to his wonderful Cavalleria Rusticana + Pagliacci last night while I mourned.

Very sad. He only retired like 3 years ago. Life’s not fair.


His Pagliacci is a definitive rec.

Though in his last decade of performing he wasnt much of a performer.
Still, he recorded several of the most brilliant performances that can be heard.

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bettah den

da ricky martin? 8)

His La Boheme recs (live and studio) are legendary. RIP, Luciano.

ok, he’s not THAT legendary…

randomly i lyk da martin


R. I. P. but if it wasn’t cancer, he wouldn’t have lived to a ripe old age being that large anyway…

One of the penists back home had to train pav through an opera at the piano coz pav couldn’t read music.
Still, he had a great voice, no one hit’s a top c like him (definitely not his ‘protoge’ Bocelli…

haha rezpec diz legend tru

ic all diz krittycizm about hiz lack ov m*zical intahlectual zkillz n interp gensui, dey zay he rode da wave on da majezty ov hiz raw natural vocal dex

id juz zay diz iz a bit truway, let da tech do da talkin :gav: