perhaps trumofo can stay?

pozz da Chop Ball 1 and Op. 25/11 prove dat I iz worthy? … 065#130065

If I keep mah number of postz below 100, can I stay?


Da trumofo haz been annoying like no othah membah evah before.

But den again he alzo brought a lot of CG to diz forum.

I’d say he zhould be accepted on probation - if he starts his zhit again he should be banned again.

well, I will shut the fuck up, and da canadain can add me to da ignore liszt.Come on, do you really believe I iz da same obnoxious piece of mentally insane shit like in da vids?

let k-nar decide, pozz dis record sped coda of da Chop Ball 1 will work in mha favor…

meh, youre just another conservatory pianist to me. nothing special (pozzibly worse). and to top it off, youre still annoying as hell. i dunno. i think i am with da candain on this one. gtfo.

ahahah u haff no idea how hard i iz tryin to not dizz da DOC rite now 8)

haha, that would just be pushing it. da doc is much better than that.

dis iz sadly tru…iz a bit lower den da conservatory level. But I have tym to improve…

I assume you are better than conservatory level? If you can play all da Chopetz da you listed, you iz haff 50 tymz mah tech, RESPECT!

DOC, iz a legend!!!