Pianist with most ingenious use of RHYTHM

my top 5:


Cziffra n Gould + Wynton Kelly n Michel Camilo

reason i like Cziffra n Camilo iz da gypsy like/latin vibe rhythm, which is amazing. i enjoy alot of random gypsy music n latin music.

hmmmm tough

definately da 100% canadian gould

  1. Friedman
  2. Hofmann

moz obviouzl da ZIFF,but da DOC HAZ AWIKD FEEL Oeootyoo

uckin keybrod

yeah i’d put Doc up there

anyway, Lhevinne, Hoffman are my choices although that’s hard to determine.

da :doc: haff da bez rhythm in every KAN sheeyat

da :ziff: haff da bezt rhythm in da rappahz


da :god: haff da bez rhythm in da 10/2 8)

:ziff: rhythm is clearly mo spontaneous and natural than :doc:

tru da ziff can be mo spontaneous but i think da DOCTAH haz da moz natural rhythm i evah heard judgin by all da differnet kinds of sheeyat he kan play

randomly, i also put :ho: dere…wut he does, whether one think tiz right or wrong, iz unmatched by anyone

haha, i think da :doc: 's rhythm is the result of having the best technique ever. I wouldn’t call it “natural”. for example, there are few moments when I listen to Hamelin and think “wow, that was really adventurous” (his live Kan Symphs, Bremen esp. are tremendous exceptions). But really, the most salient trait of his rhythm is the fact that he doesn’t ever fuckin slow down when the going gets tough! He always keeps his cool, and doesn’t exaggerate. In a way, he’s like a souped-up Pollini.

totally agree about ho. :ho:

I admire Hamelin’s technique and that’s about it.


anyone who doesn’t understand da Ho’s genius usage of rhythm go get the rec of da Dance Marcarbe.

and just in case, fuck you zepp if u intend to mention da fucking jap amaetuer rec.


katsaris fo sho. :smiling_imp:

:ziff: :ziff: :ziff:

Pletnev in his Scarlattis sonatas - totally unstyalistic get awesome!

When it comes to Scarlatti, hands down to uncle Vlad.

Sofronitsky in his scriabin.haha