Pianists with the Best Trills?

Isn’t it amazing when a pianist can manage a whole concerto decently but can’t manage a clear clean crisp trill?

Elementary level piece with MASTER level trills.


Yeah, and it’s demoralizing to watch him do them. You think it’s surely due to clever fingering where he can always use strong fingers, but nooooope! He does them with whatever he’s got at hand.


Best double note trills I’ve heard are Hofmann’s in the rondo cap.

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Prettiest trills?

Friedman, Rachmaninoff.

Most insanely even n fast trills?
Michelangeli, Pletnev

Best slightly uneven spazz rape trills?

Horowitz, Cziffra

Who has the best 4-5 trill? Who has the best brotha waldo and op111 trills?

Best 111 trills? Michelangeli tied with plate
Best waldo trills? Plate, Gilels

4-5 trills? Pozz da WUNDAH :sunglasses: and about 500-1000 otha comp penizts :sunglasses:

Also, we need to ask their wives about dem trills

Plate auto disqualification.^^


Not even sure what the fuck he’s doing at 3 mins in but at the top of that run he does some insane trilling.

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but can da ZOCK do diz


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Best trills ever in Beethoven op 111 as well.

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For some reason, Sokolov’s op 111 made so little on impression on me that I completely forgot that I’d even heard him play it. :lib:


tiz diz mofo:


Over 600k views.

Clearly good trills…

Sokolov’s Beethoven op. 111 was for me both times I’ve heard it live one the best musical experience :slight_smile:

I was really looking forward to seeing him this time, because I would’ve been in pole position, but I’m almost certainly going to be in Australia. I’ll also miss Andsnes, and Koroliov in the Goldbergs!

Echoing Da_Comme, XSDC and Kreso! Case closed when it comes to ornaments and trills, no? If any member can show me how this is done with that laser-like perfection, I’ll very happily pay for a masterclass:heart_eyes:

Michelangeli / Sokolov kings of fast even and brilliant trills

I think old school mofos spent waaaaay more time on dynamically and texturally varied trills gotta say. Friedman comes to mind here Venetian boat and da nocturne perfs Hofmann for legato and non legato diffs etc

It depends what you mean with the word “best”. Most even, fastest, loudest, with all sorts of various fingerings?

Yeah I was about to ask this as well. The “best” trill in something like Op.111 won’t necessarily be the fastest one in my book, or the most even.