Pick Ten Liszt recordings to take on a long trip

Or to a desert island, if you prefer. Only ten [OR 20] individual works. Cycles get counted as multiple works. Please list Performer and date info.

I’m going to give this some thought and reply a bit later.

I’ll have a think about this too and post tomorrow.
Randomly, I’ve been rereading the first volume of Walker’s bio these past few days, always makes me love Liszt again (though I never really fall out of love with him).
Btw, did you have a chance to listen to Abdumairov’s Liszt sonata that I recorded the other day? I’d be curious to know your thoughts (shitty sound notwithstanding).

  1. Berman live Liszt Rhapsody 9 from Budapest, 1956
  2. Richter live Liszt Concerto 2, Ferencsik
  3. Ginzburg Liszt Tarantella (from YOP) live 1952
  4. Michelangeli Liszt Totentanz (1961 Turin with Kubelik)
  5. Sofronitsky Liszt Fantasy on BACH (live Scrib Museum, 1959)
  6. Levy - Liszt Benedicktion (1956, Unicorn label)
  7. Lhevinne - Schumann-Liszt Fruhlingsnacht - 1935
  8. Horowitz Schubert-Liszt Serenade (1986)
  9. Gilels Liszt-Busoni Figaro Fantasy (c 1934)
  10. Lipatti Liszt Sonetto 104 (1947)

No Liszt sonata recordings?

Well right now 9 of them is easy - Lewenthal’s Syracuse Annees I. :slight_smile: I haven’t heard it in ages and would like to revisit, so that’s be great to take with me.

But as for best ever… I’d have to give it some thought too. The problem is that I’ve heard many of those which immediately spring to mind so many times that I’ve grown tired of them, so it’ll be a battle between that and things which are less great but which I find more interesting.

no. Can’t really enjoy it after I worked so much on it. It’s a great piece. Sure as hell don’t want to hear a rec of it tho. 8)

If I had to pick one Liszt Sonata rec, I could not do that anyway. Would be a tie between Horowitz 1932 studio, Levy 1956 Unicorn label, Richter 1965 Carnegie, Barere 1947 Carnegie.

if we had Busoni play this mofo, I’d probably love it, even with all the changes he’d make to the score 8)

Is 20 ok?

Is 50 ok?

yeah man, even that might not scratch the surface.
The living mofoz alzo have GUD pimp zonata recz as well.

50 is probably da bare minimum tru.

ok, now da otha mofoz can make a list.

I wondah what da Chriz will pick 8)

Go ahead and use 20+ picks if you need.

For me, Barere is what Liszt is all about, so he’ll be heavily featured. Richter too. Maybe Fiorentino.

Now that I’m giving it serious thought, I may have to use 20 spots too.

tru, I think da Richter spirit iz what da Liszt demands.

'nuff said!!

I’m lazy, can I just add a link here with my fav. ones? Must be a very long trip though, 'cause there are 75:
youtube.com/playlist?list=P … CEDB75BCDF

nice! Never heard that Rehberg Ave Maria rec before.

any more recs by the dude? He’s fucking good

Yeah, a friend introduced me to his playing last spring as well and I reached the same conclusion. Slooooooow as I recall, but solid stuff.

His Liszt Spanish Rappah iz pretty fast :rectum:

I didn’t dig very deep for this one. But this is probably the Liszt I listen to most often:

Barere Sonata
Barere Rhapsodie Espagnole
Barere Don Juan
Barere Faust Waltz
Barere Funerailles
Busoni HR 13
Kocsis Norma Fantasy
Richter Harmonies du Soir Sofia 1958
Richter Mephisto Waltz 1956
Favorin Beethoven Symphony 3
Freire HR 12
Richter Concerto 1 Ancerl 1954
Richter Concerto 2 Ferencsik 1961
Richter Sonata in B (London June 1966)
Richter Pensees des Morts 1957
Richter Venezia e napoli
Richter Andante Lagrimoso Budapest 1982
Berezovsky Chasse Neige Video
Lhevinne Fruhlingsnacht
Rachmaninoff Schubert-Liszt Serenade

Honorable mention: Farnadi Ballade 2, Gieseking HR12, Ho Funerailles, all other Barere Liszt

tru, that’sa respectable liszt!

I gotta relizten to da Bar Funerailles, my fave so far is da Ho live 1948 rec.

I’m still pondering this, but what I have realized is first how preciously few satisfying Liszt recordings there really are out there, and secondly that I tend to listen to him for the repertoire rather than the performances. In much of it, I just take what happens to be available and try to let my imagination bring it to life.

absolutely. Maybe because Liszt’s music was labeled as second-rate by the critics until now.

I forgot about this.
I’ll try and come up with something soon.