pletnev - recordings request today - verbier, 2018

hello all

i would very much appreciate if somone con record the medici tv broadcasts and share them. i cant get a decent video stream…

pletnev gives a solo recital today - PLEASE

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Damn I was hoping this would by his new Liszt program (sorry I can’t do it).

BEETHOVEN: Rondo in C major op.51/ Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor op.57 ‘Appassionata’.

RACHMANINOV: Five fantasy fantasy op.3, No. 1, 2 & 4/ 7 Morceaux de salon op.10, No. 3 & 5/ Preludes op.23, No. 2, 4 & 5/ Preludes op.32, No. 8 & 12/ Etude-Tableux op. 39 No. 7.


Unfortunately, it seems that he decided not to broadcast tonight’s concert…

Unfortunately, most of the good stuff at Verbier is not broadcast…

This waa announced and canceled just few hours before the concert. Such a pitty, I really wanted to hear his Appassionata.

The way Pletnev’s been interpreting music of late, just listen to Glenn Gould’s recording for an approximation. Or Rzewski’s interpretation (with his added cadenzas removed).

But yes I agree, a pity it won’t be available. I will listen to anything Pletnev plays and take the interpretation seriously.

Modest Petrovich uploaded Trifonov’s Verbier recital to YT.


Damn I wish it had been Pletnev instead! That’s where da tru kind of :jacko: is at.

When does he plan to unleash the Liszt rectal?

This guy bootlegged it and is sharing pieces

Amateurs 8)

Good stuff, thanks!

no longer available

still works for me.

yeah it’s fine

Hey X, you have a guy in Milan, right? Apparently Pletnev will play his Liszt there in spring '19. Also in Essen, Germany.

Well… there are two active tapers there today, plus about two more who lives in northern Italy and who sometimes travel to Milan for concerts. Of these I’m only in regular touch with one myself. He makes the best recordings of the lot, but he’s certainly not the most cooperative person I’ve encountered during my years as an earthling. There’s a lot of ego and sense of ownership involved, plus multiple other “problems” which drive me nuts when I try to deal with him (leaving out pieces, compressing or normalizing the recording so only “he” will have the master, etc - not always, but typically unless I specifically say I don’t want any of that). What I’m saying is at least that even if I get the recording, I won’t be able to share it.

Damn. Northern Italians are entitled cunts. Hopefully Pletnev will authorise a broadcast like he did with the Rach recital through BBC and an Italian broadcaster (I think it was).

Their women are hot though. As a people, I can’t imagine they’d be more entitled than the French, who are certainly the most entitled people I know. When I see such behaviour from people like CJ’s mate, it makes me feel like no longer distributing my recs as far and wide as I do. But then the cunts win.