pletnev - recordings request today - verbier, 2018

Well, these are his negative sides. He’s an extremely accomplished human being and one of the most artistically cultured men I know, and he does ~almost~ always send when I ask him for something. It’s just that things never run smoothly with him, or turn out quite the way you’d like.

If it’s important what I can do is try to get another recording of the concert through courier & detours. Essen is also possible, but not likely - there at least used to be a taper in that area, but I haven’t been in regular touch with him in a decade and not at all since 2012 or thereabouts, and if he attends a Pletnev recital it’s probably because of an excess stock of tomatoes which are getting old.

Has this Verbier 2018 recial ever been streamed?
Found this site which at least offer the complete audio record. Would be great if the whole thing turned up, not just bits & pieces.

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i believe that the recital was never streamed - i would love to get the audio, but seems you need a credit card for this and i am very distrustful…

I think I have a subscription to Idagio (which I’ve been meaning to cancel). I’ll look into this when I have a free moment today.


Okay, I do have an account, but how am I supposed to share this wih you guys, except for playing the stream recording it in audacity?

I never got anywhere with the excerpts so I don’t think this would be downloadable, but if you can record it in audacity that would certainly be fine (you last sentence didn’t come out ok), otherwise another idea is to create a temporary password and PM it to me and I can capture it and upload tomorrow.

Yeah I think just record the stream. Didn’t this site release a recording by Pogorelich a few years ago?

Yeah, it did. Beethoven op. 54 and op. 78.

Yes, I missed the word “and”. I do this sort of shit all the time…
Forgot to add, I’ll record the stream in Audacity this afternoon.

I do have an account, but how am I supposed to share this wih you guys, except for playing the stream recording it in audacity?

I use Applian’s ‘ReplayMediaCatcher’ program. If you want, I can post a copy.

Yeah, that might be better. I used to use that back in the day.

Randomly, listening to the Appassionata I know that Pletnev will never be an artist after my own heart. I find it all too quirky. In fact, I don’t think I’ll bother attending any future recitals he might play here.

Yeah, not least today. I’m having doubts myself I must admit - Pletnev is one of my all time favourite musicians and I would dearly love to hear him in recital, which I never have, but I primarily like him 1985-2006. The stuff from post-retirement has been wildly uneven, and wildly searching. His A’dam recital last year was perhaps the recital of the year for me, but it was so weird it took me weeks or months to wrap my head around it. A lot of other things I’ve heard with him since - including from just weeks after A’dam - was downright bad to my ears.

I’d hence never know what I’d get from a Pletnev ticket. It could be a memory for life, but as it stands it seems more likely it’d be a pretty big fiasco.

I finished listening to this. I liked parts of it, but it was too individualistic for my taste. I don’t like the interpreter to get between the music and the listener, they are the conduit, but shouldn’t draw attention to that fact. If they have a strong enough personality, we will be aware of their presence without them needing to make us aware of it. There were some tempi which were just way too broad, for example op 3/1 and 3/2. Only Pogo would dare to play slower. Anyway, as soon as Barny can provide the applian software, I can rip this for you guys.

thanks in advance

i must admit i am rather un-conditional when it comes to pletnev - i like everything he does

recently someone posted on youtube a liszt live recital of his - mannered, excentric, willfull even, but kept me glued

Willful is a good adjective for him. For me, sometimes it works but usually it doesn’t.

So Barny has sent me replay media catcher (thanks for that). But I can’t get any method to work for Idagio except “record what you hear”. I don’t have the time to do this now, as I’ve got assignments due this weekend, but I’ll try to cap this during the week.

Can’t you just use Audacity to record the stream instead of some program like that?

It’s the same method using either programme. It also means I have to play the recital in the background (which I can’t do right now because it’s distracting), and hope that I get no sound alerts from other programmes on my comp (or these will also be recorded). I don’t like this method because it might involve double compression. I’m not a tech head at all, so I don’t know whether if the stream is in FLAC and I set the output as FLAC, it will just record the stream as is, or if it involves double compression, with the only way to maintain the FLAC stream quality being to record as a WAV (with huge file sizes).

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