POLL: How do you like da nu changez(bannah and opening page)


  • bettah
  • i dun lyk it
  • hhah i randomly didn’t notice diz!!

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randomly tiz wikid

but now i haff to log in by randomly clikcon on tha vidz section so it takez me to an auto login sheeyat, or elze when i log in from tha home page i have to rnaomdly log in twice n then ther iz nevah any new poztz showin when i log in that way/

but tha new look commandz resepc fo sho 8)

yup… so does ur avatar 8)

make it a little big bigger.

good job.

i lyk it 8)

i fuckin lyk it … unconcurred

i lyk da changes

but da banner iz unawesome :comme:

i dont see sviatoslav… lets drop da guy wiz da champagne n make room

haha FUCK, did you just call da :ziff: a girl?



da banner iz wikid. If any mofo deserves to be front and centre itz da ZIFF.

I find it quite gay

Randomly i lyk it, wikid :smiling_imp:

randomly so duz theze guyz --> :ziff: :doc: :rectum: :ho: :dong: :rock:


-da Meph

Tiz wikid. Respec 4 da retention of ma innovation (dre + pimp) 8)