Post da worst performances you can find

Posting dat dude doin chopin, gave me an idea.
For a larf - and dese are obviously gonna ba amatuer performances - post da worst performances of any piece in dis thread.
obviously dis dude

da prok toccata i found a while back

every performance by comme?

hahahahahahahahaha da chop prelud!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

da sadnezz… all da one stars :frowning:

da comme is sholy a good candidate here.

zad fuckz :rectum:

da pricktocc WTF ?!

Anything comme plays, tru. Even his improvs are the worst performances of his own improvs. 8)

And just what the flying fuck at that chop prelude

i iz just w8in fo sumone to url mah youtube vid 8)

Holy fuck iz dat beeyotch seriouz w/ dat Prok Toccata?! In wut should be a 4 minute long piece, he makez it 6. FUCKKK

You iz zumone - let’s hear it!

I Just remembered dis site
for trumpet but hi-larious :dong:

Wow. the prok. I have no words.

The prok is slow, but i dont see what the drama is about…

there are some cg comments on the page…

there was some aussie (?) chick Ali something-or-other, who battled something savage.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TIZ TRU but da commejuniah azk fo a duel:


hahahahaha…da comme zeniah vill b proud of this.


ahahahahhaa thiz kid again…

:comme: : “rezpecabl rubato pozz”

mz.texaz chopin scherzo is pretty shitty as well.