Posteth da Bartok piano concerto no.2 here

:dong: randomly I mite wanna add diz to ma rep, sheet music or recording appreciated and you may get some ziffroz for it.

so youre so advanced that u “mite want to” add it to your rep, but you ask for sheets n a rec in a internet forum…


haha da Shaga can get da legendary Ziff live rec of it from moi

I can probably get u da score too.

I could imagine that a good number of people may ask what the heck im doing in internet forums when im so em “advanced?” however I do enjoy enteracting with people that ive known for around 2 years now from these forums, and I absolutely don’t believe in arrogance, unlike a good few amount of people on these boards, (or moreso NOT. )


DAYUM jeff you tiz a legend.

here iz tha next bezt rec aftah tha ZIFF … 659UJKY2H5

legendary 2nd mvt. 8)

DAYUM da myra hess pupil! thank you very very much, much appreciated!


and randomly :comme:

and maybe :dong: (since hes playing it at walt disney)

da shaga hath already learnt da rach2, rach3, prik 2 by age 15. Dun doubt his tru fuckin mofonezz. :lib: