potentially da greatezt 88 movie evah??


The plot, like many of the best Hitchcock films, is simple - Tom Selznick (Elijah Wood), a master pianist who left in disgrace after mangling a near impossible piece written by his mentor, returns to the stage five years later. His wife (Kerry Bishe) urged him for months to return to the concert hall; now wracked with stage fright, Selznick tries to make the best of things. It doesn’t help that he’ll be playing on the very grand piano of his mentor, the same piano that he lost his wits on five years before.

But once he takes the stage, the pieces are set into motion. When he opens his playbook, written in red ink on the page is the simple missive - “Play one wrong note and you’re dead.” Then he seens the sniper rifle dot on his arm, and on his wife’s head in the balcony. Through an ear piece, the assassin (John Cusack) informs him that he has no reservations in killing him and his wife if he plays badly. If he tells anyone, or manages to get a message out, he and his wife are dead.

FUCK diz plot bazically bazed on da FAKE RUDY vid

ahahah da only correct plot development from diz point on wud be:

penizt randomly unperturbed, proceedz to RAPE da piece, hittin wrong notez left n right while dodging millionz of bulletz at da zame tym, matrix ztylee

:lib: :zhreddah: :gav:

Haha, or da penis can announce a prog change and play da Liszt Consolation No 1. Although he can be shot at the, where the bass notes iz a bit surprising!

Ahaha, or even da Liszt Unstern! Dere iz a sect which features 2 tonalities clashing…


I wud make diz announcement to da audience “tonyt I vil play original manuscriptz” 8)

HAHAHA FUCKKKKKKK diz bordahlyn cheatah tactic, pozz enfuriate da azzazzin enuff to kill u 5 tymz. Tho tiz may be pozz to ztay wizin da rulez n change da prog to:

john cage 4’33 :jacko:

ahahaha mannn even da thirdz in da firzt bar zound lyk mazzive rape to moi 8)



Hahahah diz featurette in da NOR-zpeak!!!

da random 88 movement coaching HAHAHA a bit wikid!!! :whale:

The director is the mofo that did ‘buried’. Should be good then.