Price of gas... how much is it where you live?

Following krit’s comments on another thread about gas prices in the US, this might be interesting.

To standardise results I suggest putting it in US dollars per gallon… let’s see how bad it is around the world.

I’ll start in supposedly one of the cheapest places in Europe…
Spain: 1.27 EUR/liter for gas, 1.33 for Diesel
1 EUR=1.59 USD, 1 gal=3.7854 liters

SPAIN: $7.64/gal (gas) and $8.00 (diesel)

screw gallons, I refuse to use that.

We’re at 1.70AUD/litre
The Aus dollar and USD are almost at parity: 1 AUD = 0.967 USD
so that’s 1.64 USD/litre

you Spaniards have it bad, although you probably have good public transport. In Aus you really have to drive everywhere (especially in my city) and it’s a big bloody country.

Fuck you all, cheap asses :stuck_out_tongue:

€1.63/ liter for gas
€1.44/l for Diesel

Diesel is less exp here, luckily

$9.80/gallon gas
$8.66/gallon Diesel

2.1 $ liter for gas

That’s basicly the cheapest gas i Europe compared to how much people earn.


Just in case:

1 gallon = 3.78 liters

1 barrel = 159 liters/37.82 galons

the whole issue is the current oil price is influenced by the hedge fund and futures market for oil delivery. basically, u bid for the price and hope to sell it higher and every fucker is participating this sheeyat.

the cheapest oil price in the world right now is in Venezuela, [color=yellow]5 cent/1 liter. u gotta respect the guy who runs the country though. he said our country is a main exporting oil country but what more important is our own people. they must benefit from it. the idea of socialism does exist there.

my prediction - $150 for July.

after that, only God that knows.

I like Gingrich’s idea of releasing 1/3 of the countries srategic oil suplly, the price of oil will go down about $50 per barrell, and make the specuntlaters who are driving this sheeeyat broke :whale:

About $1.30 per litre here, so almost $5 per gallon.

damn its $1.50 on this side of canada

from uk prices, probably about $2.5-3 a LITRE!!! insane prices over here at the moment…

here in los angeles its about $4.80 a gallon and rising.

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Apparently Kansas City and Missouri have the cheapest gas in the US. Most places seem to be in the $3.85-$4 region.

I bought a bike and haven’t filled up my car in over a month now. 8)

yeah ive been riding my bike to work as well. must be saving a ton.

It’s just sickening… we’re all just puppets of the moneymakers. Makes me want to go into the mountains.

pozz, i would normally fill up my tank 2-3 times a month, so that’s about $75-$100 saved. there are so many better uses for $100 than filling up my car


tru i spend about 100$ a month fillin up mah lungz :whale: :orgy: :ho:

Heh, heh… I spend $100 a TANK!

dayum! tru, my friend told me he spends $300 a month on smokes. I said fuck man you could almost pay rent with that. tiz tru